Joy and Inspiration

Who forgot this agreement on coming to planet Earth? I will live in joy – what a statement! This is not about getting everything done, not about having ticked off all your desires on your wish list- it’s about re-awakening the memory within you of your own innate power, passion and success that is your essence; inspiration your very core of being.

 Your rightful place in this life experience is one of positive expectation, optimism and ever expanding bliss.

 “I will know the value of my own preferences.”

“I will know the value of my own perspective.”

Notice it does not say any one else, it says “my own”- this too was our agreement!

Desire is not a dirty word, it’s our own internal guidance system that inspires, motivates and leads us from one state of being into another, continually in motion, ever expanding, ever evolving delightful beings playing with our power of creation.

Necessity is often quoted as the mother of invention, and I believe Inspiration only stems from intention. Without a desire for a better world, place or circumstances we stagnate personally and professionally. We are never too old or too young to be inspired and to contribute immensely as a result.

Frank Epperson was only 11 when he created a ‘Popsicle’ in 1905, Colonel Sanders was retired and 65 when he determined to find a buyer for his KFC chicken recipe and we know where both these products sit in the marketplace today.

Some other notable inventors were Bessie Smith in 1951 who created liquid paper whilst employed as a secretary in Texas, so too Earle Dickson who as a cotton buyer for Johnson & Johnson was aptly rewarded with vice presidency of the company when he perfected the ‘Bandaid’…his sole motivation being to aid his accident prone wife.

In 1950 Marion Donovan was unsuccessful in selling to manufacturers her patent for a disposable nappy and so started her own company, and fellow Aussie, George LeWin had not placed a single sale in 18 months for his revolutionary ‘triton workbench’ until he appeared on television in 1975 and overnight a 300 million company was born.

No time like Now to lose the perceptions and issues that thwart your joy and recognition of your power.

It is not possible for anyone else to create your reality, so Stop giving away your power by adapting, conforming or resigning yourself to a life ‘as is’ to match the preference of others. If we all did that you would not be reading this as Tom Watson’s comments as the founder of IBM in 1943 would have held truth when he said, ”There is a world market for maybe five computers” and Tim Berners-Lee in 1955 would not have had the intention of creating the world wide web.

Bring yourself back into alignment with Universal Laws and watch the flow of Joy, the amazing synchronicity of timely events unfolding as inspired actions create your life.

Your true nature is as the Flow-er; when you have moments of elation, goose bumps, irrepressible excitement…that’s Flow and that’s the time to get out there and Go;

“To stand on the brink of what is coming, feeling eager, optimistic anticipation – with no feeling of impatience, doubt or unworthiness hindering the receiving of it… Be happy with where you are and what you have – while at the same time be eager for more.” (Abraham material)

That’s joy and  inspiration and the forerunner of inspired action and results!

People make a daily choice of being co-creative or co-reactive, the difference is in what they ‘c’ or don’t… oops…See, and allow that view to dictate their actions. Is there only one right way of being? Should what’s always been, continue to always be?

There are many critics for those that will listen…the pessimists quick to blow out any spark of creating the flame of change and success. According to Pierre Pachet, Louis Pasteur’s theory of germs was ridiculous fiction, and fortunately the detractors for Google were given no credence as they focused on devising a more efficient means of searching the web and as an aside sold that same ‘efficient means for 4 billion dollars.

 For me, Life was about knowledge…40 years on it’s now about joy and inspiration.

To your success

Rosie Pekar