We have, since 2010, been consulting a wide range of people from our oldest client in a nursing home for a couple of hours a month to a Vice Marketing Director and 20 of their team in a two day seminar about all aspects of Digital Marketing.

It makes no difference if you just have an idea and you don’t know where to go next, or you have various eCommerce websites already set up and robust products and service already on shelves,.. we can help.

We cover

  • Search engine optimisation.
  • Keyword domain purchase.
  • How to manage Word Press Hosting accounts. metrics, emails, C.Panels
  • Word Press website set up with pages posts, images etc.
  • Social media integration and sharing.
  • Social media growth on all  platforms including Video channels.
  • Online press syndication.
  • Blogging.

For Indian technology University

Honey Touch Shampoo Campaign

Compass Edge

Websites we have recently built:


  • Our fees are $35 per hour (plus expenses and accommodation if you are far away from us.) Minimum time 2 hours.
  • If you are at the idea stage you probably need 10-15 hours in total to get right up to speed selling online.
  • more info leads4biz

    more info leads4biz