Daddy, I want to be an entrepreneur.

If my child wants to become an Entrepreneur I would, of course, be proud, but would I be able to get them prepared for the grueling and heartbreaking journey they will embark upon, which is littered with famine, physical wrecks and disappointing failures as well as euphoria? We, at Biz-Find have the solution but first, let’s see how we arrived in this dark place?

When I was at slave school where we were taught to be an employee, and that money was dirty, your superiors were to be obeyed at all costs. We were groomed to get jobs and not try to rock the boat or ask questions about the boss.

employee mentallity

Employee mentality

I was well indoctrinated into that regime when I started in the workplace in the mid 1980’s. For all my 20’s and my 30’s I worked diligently and passionately for all my bosses, yet I never got rich and they did. They sent their children to better schools than my children, and I was more often than not borrowing money off my family to survive.

During my working life as an employee my Dad often asked whether I was taking drugs, gambling or had a woman on the side as he could not believe how a man who always had an above average salary was struggling.

It has been proven recently that baby boomers in their hay day in the 1960’s and 70’s had more expendable income after tax so went out more often, and enjoyed their free time more than the generations that followed. They could also get on the property ladder far more easily than young people today.

Society and businesses followed the youth of their day and offered more things for them to do. You only have to look at the pubs, clubs and cinemas closing across the country every day now and how geriatric products and services are booming. This is a sure sign that  the baby boomers, the biggest generation ever are starting to retire.

You have to have 2 full time people working in this day and age to support a decent standard of living, and that has so much to do with the general happiness people feel today working and employing baby care etc.; they have less together time than they ever have, and sadly divorce rates reflect this.

I was the only bread winner in my family for 20+ years and even though I had done well on the career ladder, improving my income year on year my salary never quite caught up with inflation.

Then I went on my own. If someone told me then how long success would actually take, I doubt very much I would have gone through with it!

I first heard the term Entrepreneur around 1999. Sure we knew them as self-employed people when I was just starting out in the workplace, those people who had painful stomach ulcers, nice cars and were grumpy most of the time.

The new entrepreneur was born out of the internet, where we have been promised so much through the new online medium.

Like most of life and society, the 2% rule prevails, as in those who were well situated to be the first to ride the wave got very rich indeed, and the rest, the 98% followed.

I am thinking about the first few people to do well from the internet, like those who sold .com domains they’d just sat on, the first people to use email marketing with 60% open rates before we started to lock people up for spamming, the companies that sold the downloadable ring tunes for our new-ish mobile phones etc.

The first web design companies were riding high on the demand for a website for your business in the early 2000’s. Did you have a  website back then?  Very few people had proper, functioning websites then, and, if you did, it demonstrated your business as innovative and forward thinking and how you were happy to spend a small fortune on this new online presence.

Now, however, anyone can build a word press website and make it look good and be optimised for search engines in an hour, yet with a billion websites out there to compete with and only a few search engines, your efforts to be seen will be a drop in the ocean. It is a testament to how quick the technology age changes compared to how long it took the industrial age to change.

The 2% got rich by being the pioneers and the followers, the 98% tried, dreamed, struggled and spent fortunes on lead generation activities and services to help teach them to get rich in areas that were mainly in decline.

The next wave I believe will be the rise of social influencer. China has already taken to this and offers bloggers and famous people with a lot of money and commission for sharing and extolling their business products and services to their network.

Digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing opus

The digital entrepreneur is now wiser due to years of self-investment and educating ourselves that being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean that we are greedy, lonely, grumpy souls. We are actually altruistic and we are uber-aware that true wealth comes from helping enough others become wealthy first and the lie we were sold in slave school which was to avoid going into business for yourself as it is the path to the dark side, when in all reality you cannot help anyone else in life or make that difference until you become independent of the need to work for money.

That is not to ever berate an employee, if you are happy in your job, then you are luckier than a successful entrepreneur as you get paid to do something you love without any of the other administrative tasks you have to do for example, well paid sportsmen.

Hoping you can become an overnight entrepreneur online now is like a 7 year old wanting to go straight into a Premier League first team squad. It will take years and an ocean of tears and pain learning the ropes. There is no entrepreneur apprenticeship; it’s all an apprenticeship. It changes so quickly that you have to specialise like a doctor who understands that to make real money requires you to become a specialist.

If you are running a business you will need a list of specialists and you need or be an HR Manager to be able to manage them all and gel your team.

Many entrepreneurs I mentor who are just starting are very reliant on using the internet for their success and I really have to ready them for the uphill battle they will experience:

“Will we simply get the site up on a Facebook page and start selling?”

Oh I wish… If you were selling a product so amazing like an instant cure for cancer in a bottle it would take months even with something everyone wants. To go household without an insane budget for social media promotion and Search Engine adverts.

One thing entrepreneurs can do is look at who is successful and follow their lead; our idea is that all business owners need people to sell to, and all business people buy something every day.What we do is marry these people up, and we do that through biz-find.

We supply marketing through ten online business directories and 500,000 real people on social media and in addition to this we publish warm qualified sales leads on the same platform.

Don’t kill yourself in a murky pond full of people trying to do the same thing that gets cheaper and cheaper every day and harder to compete, find a blue ocean with more space, less competition and go for what you really need, which is more sales through contacting the people who are asking for your services on our site we have done all the lead generation activities for you.

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