What Entrepreneurs do (seizing opportunities)


“There’s a lot of opportunities if there aren’t you can make them, they don’t make themselves”
Sang the Pet Shop Boys in the Nineties.

Many of us live in fear that if it’s ‘too good to be true’, then it probably is, yet I believe the man who is the best fighter is the man with the most bruises and scars.

Once at a seminar, the speaker held up a ten pound note and asked who wants it, there was an uncomfortable shuffle in the seats whilst people racked their brains trying to find the catch, whilst I ran past everyone and said ‘ME’ The note was duly put in my hand and there followed a 30 minute seminar in not missing opportunity whilst I sat beaming, ten quid up!

How do you strike a balance between falling for every scam and missing every opportunity. I think it’s all a matter of peripheral vision. Ever noticed when you take ownership of a new car, there seems to be so many of them about, did they all buy them on the same day you did? nope they have always been there, except you didn’t notice them, same theory applies to opportunity, if your brain is receptive and you are asking the right questions at the right venues then you are expanding your possibilities exponentially.

You start asking the right questions when you have set yourself a very clear target, I spend as much time tapping on my calculator re-affirming to myself how many clients I need to find to receive exactly what I want, and the ‘want’ is imagined for twenty minutes every single day and I imagine in fine detail and colours.

On my quest to achieve all I can, I watch again and again ‘The Secret’ a per-requisite for the would be entrepreneur, a video by Rhonda Byrne explaining how vital it is we dream about what we want and how to dream effectively.

A few years ago I remember dreaming that I wanted an apartment with fantastic views over the city, less than a year later, I got exactly that, I was on the 18th floor of an apartment with a balcony with incredible views over the city. Yet there was a huge problem!

I turned to look inside and the apartment itself (even though the view was magnificent)  and it was in a run down apartment block with failing electrics, dodgy air conditioning, and the lift only worked half the time. so what went wrong? Well I got what I asked for! If I had dreamt about the apartment in detail and the ‘feel of the furniture’ and the colours I wanted, and having a good time in my luxurious home, then perhaps everything would have been different. I don’t ever make that mistake again.

the law of attraction on Biz-find

the law of attraction on Biz-find

There is another word ‘mistake’, if I had not have tried I would not have learned the vital secret of dreaming in detail, nothing is a mistake, it’s part of your story and you must be prepared to fail to gain experience to be successful.

Whilst networking this week I have told a dozen people to add themselves to biz-find.co.uk. The magic behind this site is that I have for seven years toiled for little or no money to grow a rather large social media reach on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, stumble upon et al. Now when companies add their business to biz-find they get a full page to promote their business and when I receive notification that they have joined, I amend their S.E.O. and Meta-tags and then share their business to 30,000 people meaning they receive around 100 people in one day visit their company page for FREE.

I tell them to write an article for Biz-find and I publish their blog, their biography and link back to their website, and I actually pay Facebook to promote the edge rank of that article to around 15,000 people on their Facebook walls (you need at least 400 fans before you are awarded this feature) I HAVE 10 different business pages with the promote feature!

This in turn usually yields 30-50 likes which to anyone with a small knowledge of what this does to Google ranking and what this type of free marketing can do for ones online branding they will know this is a massive opportunity indeed.

Out of the dozen companies, how many do you think have grasped the opportunity with both hands?

One! One business saw the opportunity, and I think my friends, this lack of peripheral vision, and missing the opportunity that passes most business people by each day, will always reflect why:

95% of all the world’s wealth is owned by just 5%!

Alan Johnston owner of Netmedia Asia Inc Netmedia Uk and biz-find

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