If you wait long enough…the biggest lie ever told!

If you wait long enough…the biggest lie ever told!

‘A bored impoverished young lad, maybe 12 years old, goes to the harbour to see the boats bringing in goods from all over the world, then one boat drops a small crate , he looks, but can see no one on the ship looking for any missing goods, the lad goes to the shore and waits as the tide brings the crate closer to him, then he can reach it, still nobody sees it. To his astonishment the crate was full of gold, enough to buy a home and live a good life for many years, and it is all his.

Many years later, an impoverished bored young man, went to the harbour to wait for his fortune to shine again. it never did and he dies an impoverished bored old man.’

Point of my little reverie? Most of us will get one downpour of good luck in our lives, but if we leave the rest of our lives to this luck, you may lead a very boring and uneventful life.

I believe the saying’ ”Everything comes to those who wait,’ is a lie. If you wait long enough you will meet your maker! It’s the only thing true of life, death and taxes!

We all meet him sooner or later

The elite who need healthy ‘crops’ to make the world go around. They feed the great unwashed a life tolerable enough, littered with some hope, with the lottery, maybe a rich aunt that leaves them money, with weekends, annual holidays and a state pension, it’s just enough sometimes to stay on the ‘mediocre treadmill.’

Television and Cinema feeds our subconscious on ; ‘Love and family is all we need’ and ‘The best things in life are free’

Well guess what? The best things in life are free , but you can’t have them without massive effort to earn some money to buy a suit or a dress to attract the opposite sex, or a house to get married in, or a car to drive to work and drive your family around at weekends. Money for a flight to go see your grand children on the other side of the wold, and cash to get buried!

Rich people have love and families, they just have a lot more time to enjoy it all than you do, and in better surroundings. Do they feel guilty? Don’t think so!

How many of us got this one downpour and squandered it?

George Best the first UK millionaire footballer in the 1970’s didn’t think so, he was once asked what did you do wth your money? He replied

“I spent it on booze and beautiful woman the rest I squandered’

As a footballer (soccer star) he was fantastically talented, as a person he was besieged with alcoholism that made him a nightmare to live with, but he lived with his decisions well, and that’s one thing you can say about him, he knew what he wanted and got it, he wanted to be a world class footballer for Manchester United and drink copious amounts of Beer, he got both!

Be careful what you ask for and how you use it.

How many of us are waiting for that ship to come in? The vast majority I reckon.

We could all get whatever we want right now, but we are fed with ‘It’s the journey’ not the destination, I say Horse crap. I go the gym I hate it, if someone invented a pill for instant six pack, would I go the gym ? Hell no!

Who would continue to go to work after winning the lottery??

When I first moved to Southern Laos, we found that all the rental properties were one year upfront, nobody here even questions it, you have to pay your full years rental upfront or be homeless. With a wife and young baby it was a massive decision, I had little cash at that point, but I am a scholar of the law of attraction with my own twist.

‘Dream it. want it, and then kill yourself doing it, then you get it’

I had no idea how I was going to get this house and come up with a year’s rent in 1 month, but we negotiated and paid 10% upfront so I then had 1 month to come up with the 90% I can tell you that month I was ill, my peptic ulcer gave me so much pain I was on pills for it.

Our office in Laos

For 30 straight days, for 18 hours a day I got ‘creative’ online and sold and sold my services and borrowed some to pay the last 90%. We were a bit late, he came a few times and got irate, but sure enough 4 days after the due date, the landlord called with a truck and a few heavies, and we gave him his cash and off he went, not to be seen for 11 months!

Proud of myself? sure! Learned a lot about myself? you bet. However I had to take a few days in bed to get over it!

When life coaches tell you; When in times of stress, ask yourself this; in a few months time is this going to matter? What?? Sure it does, pain is a great teacher, and my stomach still twinges when I think about that month.

Her family thought we were super rich to live in such a nice house and we were lucky.. PAH!

Point is everyone wants to go to heaven and no one wants to die for it.

If I carried on with that same level of activity that I used to get my year’s rent, I would be rich today 2 years after, but I would also probably have major surgery on my stomach and other stress related ailments. I probably would have forgotten my children’s names.

There are premiums to pay whether you want fast or slow. There has to be a balance in life so you can get what you want and also live each day.

So which one is it?

Give 100% and condense all your efforts to now, have laser focus and forget about your family and work indefatigably for a few years then be rich, then rekindle your life again with all the money you need (Think M.L.M. training)


The Common Sense: Spread it out over a many years so you can at least remember playing with your children?

Most people decide to pull the plaster off slowly.

Working smarter and educating yourself about money can save you a lot of time, wonder why they don’t teach this at school?

Imagine a teacher saying:

“Today we are going to teach you how the rich get rich, and how you can be earning ten times more than your father by the time you are 20, so now listen up

Do you think that class would be full of riotous oiks, or a classroom full of young hopefuls bending their ears to listen. I think the latter.

Ask a teenager what he wants, they probably say they want to get a degree in such and such and get a job, ask them if you won the lottery; 10 million Dollars, would you do all that? most would not go through all that extra education and apprenticeships.

Drill down, what does a teenager really want? Parties, latest clothes, fast cars,  meet the opposite sex.

The dream of the young!

They conclude to get what they really want, they must go down the route told to them by parents and teachers: education, job and time for money.

If they all knew the truth, that they could work in a shop for a year save 1,000 U.S.D. then place it on a few stocks winning some and some losing some, but by diversification  reinvest and reinvest, and by the time they are thirty, and around the time most get married, have enough for a house and to live forever, that would destroy the fabric of society wouldn’t it!?

Opportunities are around us every day, we just have to have our eyes open, and educate ourselves by learning from people who are more wealthier that we are, so we can grow.

What our poor little harbour boy didn’t realise was; that the guys on the ship threw the crate overboard hoping someone would find it, and he was so taken by the gold that he didn’t see the letter at the bottom that read:

‘Hi, There is a whole island full of this gold and other precious metals and minerals, we need people like you to help us dig, you keep 10% of what you dig up and in a few years you will be rich forever, all you got to do is get on our boat.’

But he never even read it, he just took one look at the gold at hand and ran home , enjoyed a few years of wealth and was back the harbour waiting again.

Does that sound like someone you know?

Here’s a pot of gold for someone, with a note…