The paradigm of wealth and time

What is the wealth and time paradigm?

A humans greatest asset is time, yet ask people what they would sell a day of their life for, they think well, today could be my last, then ask them what they get paid per day in their job.  There usually is a vast difference.

The difference between people who have found their time wealth and people who sit on the motorway each morning wishing they were pushing their children on the swings instead, is they have learned the paradigm of understanding time.

Most people who have decent well paid jobs are time poor, their understanding of wealth is skewed in the treadmill of corporate life, sure they make a decent salary, but you can be sure their way of life is mortgaged in the premise they turn up every week, kids and family are used to that life that the parent provides, the home, the holidays, and the parent can not give it up for any dreams they may have harboured when they were younger, and the corporation, banks and Credit cards own the individual. They have one maybe two holidays a year and it’s over too quickly

“Instead of dreaming of escaping every day, why not create a life you don’t have to escape from”

On the other end of the scale being broke with all the time in the world is not much fun either. The sad part  of all of this is, each end of the scale are jealous of one another.

There is a idea that fools the world into thinking not everyone can have what they want, if they did the world would not survive, this is pure evil and nonsense, some millionaires yachts could feed small East African country folk for a month and an extra serving of maize or rice can mean pure wealth to the starving kid in Mali. There is plenty for all of us, but we just have to learn what’s important.

So what’s the secret?

Wealth can only achieved when you know what wealth is, again money is not wealth, I will trade you all Professor Steven Hawkins money for his medical condition right now, what no takers?

First you must understand what wealth is, to me wealth is : ‘Whatever it means to you whatever makes you truly happy, money is a conduit to helping you get what you want, but don’t ever dwell on Gold, look what happened to Midas!

The people who understand time and  wealth, understand that it is not about them, it never is.

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Wealthy people own time and time does not own them.

Consider when your child was just old enough to learn to tie their own shoelaces, but you feel that to get to the shops and do what you need to do TODAY it will be be so much quicker to do their shoelaces yourself, but we don’t, we take the time out to stop our world, and teach them to do it for themselves, then many years later you watch them teach your grand children to do it, many countless years after your death, your legacy of the shoelaces, that energy, that moment of selflessness has gone through generations, and has repaid back itself thousands of times over!

“Small ripples can become huge Tsunamis”

Success only comes when you help enough other people to find their wealth first. Regardless of what you do, if you take yourself out of the equation and then help others a real magic begins to happen.

In business the smartest and wealthiest people delegate and teach, and share ALL their knowledge with the world. Call it karma, call it reciprocation, but whatever you do earnestly and selflessly today, will have a huge effect in the future.

Just do this and watch how things start to change around for you and money becomes less important, and your thoughts are not with debt but with what you can now achieve, and you will win your time back!

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