Are You A Time Lord With A Future Vision?

Seeking Time Lords with a future vision.

‘Visionary leap’ is a term I give to real entrepreneurs when they can see into the future. It seems all successful entrepreneurs see what most don’t and are willing to give the time to investigate what a startup business ‘could be’ rather than solely concentrate on the now. Kind of the opposite of Buddhism!

Wealthy business people can ‘read’ a business plan like a book, and images pop out in their mind of the future, and other products and services, J.V.’s peripherals and add to his reverie.

It is often a real challenge for startups to relay this future idea to potential investors who do not have the inbuilt time machine. The startup entrepreneur is often looking for creative experience, and a network  as much as cash investment, meaning; we have taken this so far, we need help and new ideas that only a team can bring.

teamwork makes the IPO work!

You as an investor, must learn to appreciate the ‘skin in the game’, as in how much time and effort the originator has put in, if this is just an idea on a scratch pad then; what its worth can only be conceptualised in both your minds eye.

If however a startup has many years building an idea up to a level of momentum, then you as the investor need to find out how married they are to the project, as new brooms sweep clean,  if you have a world beating idea that changes many things on their original plan, then you need to make sure the founder is with you on this.

A good investor is someone who can push open a door that crumbles and falls to the ground in a dark dank over-grown property and look way past the cracks and the damp to see the profits, sure there will be money spent and lots of it, but to them it’s money well spent. That’s the experience in your network, getting good contractors in to do good work at a good price and on time.

We are looking for a Time Lord to see well beyond our basic exterior and to look at why over 150 new members join us each month, why we have 3-5000 B2B visitors a month and 25,000 subscribers, with zero budget to spend!!

Add to this; try to think how our 300,000 social media reach can help you and our project. Then dream about the future and how we can monetise and grow a global business together and reap the rewards that are given to people who can look beyond the cosmetic cracks.

Leads4biz is a digital advertising directory with sales leads, and we look for a creative soul to come in and ask us;

why have you not done this yet? or have you tried this?…

if you cannot see what you could do with 6,400 business owners who chose to add themselves to us after finding us on search engines, then please ignore us.

But if you can see the opportunity, then contact us contact@leads4biz.net