Three magic steps to success

Letting go of limiting beliefs

There is a popular story told by life coaches all over the world about the elephants at a Circus that were chained from birth to the big top circle, the chains would allow them freedom to roam around the circle to get food , water etc. the chains were probably 5 metres in length.

Then one night the was a massive fire which was destined to engulf the entire circus, the trainers untethered all the animals as quickly as they could, and they all did what comes naturally which was to flee to safety, even the elephants were set free from their chains. However in a sad twist to the tale, the elephants perished because for some reason even though they were free from their chains, they were mentally conditioned for years to believe they could not venture outside the perceived length of their ‘invisible’ chains.

Many sales people who have a quota to attain each month suffer from a similar fate as in they always for some reason make quota regardless of whether they are given an opportunity rich environment or an opportunity poor environment, it’s mental conditioning and fear of success that leads to mediocrity, we can often look back to per say a working class environment like my own,  I was always around phrases like ‘filthy rich’,  ‘dirty money’ and my own personal favourite ‘ money is the root of all evil’ Huh! Not many rich people in prisons! Mostly poor people! This adage must be changed to ‘The lack of money is the root of all evil’

Expand your horizons for more success. If you have a quota for sales right now, in your mind double it, no not just for the fun of more pressure, but mentally just keep telling yourself it’s double what it is and you will find a kind of magic happens.

‘Reach for the skies at least you will hit the ceiling’

‘If you want to get thinner hang round with skinny people!’

 Working smarter

“It aint what you do it’s the way that you do it and that’s what gets results”

(Melvin Oliver and James Young 1939)  

Pro activeness is a massive key to success. Preparation and forethought can save hours of time which is our greatest asset of all!

I read recently about a NBA coach who gave a great comparison of two players practising; If two players are to practice basket shots for one hour, one player shoots, retrieves the ball, gets back to position, concentrates and shoots, whilst the other player, has a colleague who retrieves, throws back and comments on each shot from their prospective, which one is probably going to be the more accurate player in the game? Both have done the time required!

Work ethic

 Kobe Bryant has earned in the region of $200 million in his career, ask anyone who knows him they will tell you he is up at 5 AM some days shooting up to 1,000 shots, even on a game day!

Tiger Woods is obsessive about practice and has put in a lot more hours than many of his counterparts.

In fact research recently shows that it takes around 10,000 hours to master a trade proficiently, yet some people use their 24 hours in a day in the most effective ways to get to this magic number of practice hours, whilst others amble along and it takes a lot longer.

Like blogging, I would tell all my clients to blog at least once a week, yet we all want to cultivate a life where we all want to do the things we enjoy, after all we are told if you enjoy what you do you will never have a job. Many of my clients would rather paint a ceiling (which is my worst ever chore) than expose their very nature to the internet for two hours a week!

So try to raise your game mentally give yourself an invisible quota roughly double where you are now, remember to plan and work smarter as much as the hours you are prepared to put in and remember behind every massively successful person there are around 10,000 hours of toil and mastering of their trade.


See you on the other side