The Chessboard And The King ….Exponential Growth Explained

The Chessboard And The King ….Exponential Growth Explained

Today’s blog is an ancient fable that demonstrates that even the ancients were wise and the secrets of the wealthy and exponential growth have not changed much over the centuries.

Sindhar’s Game

The king in all his splendour and position sat on his throne opposite Sindhar, a poor but talented games maker, and moved his Knight into position on the games board and made the next move for poor Sindhar impossible. ‘Check mate’ he exclaimed rather proud of himself, little did he know Sindhar allowed the King to win, knowing all too well how wise it was not to upset the King.

“What do you call this amazing game of yours Sindhar?”

“I call it Chess your Majesty”

“Bravo to you, a splendid game that proved my strategical prowess in all areas.” The King Bellowed.

exponential growth chess.

exponential growth chess.

The King was not only extremely wealthy and powerful, he was also rather pompous, yet no one ever dared tell the most powerful man in all the land. Yes Sindhar was a very wise fellow and responded well to the monarch’s boasts.

“What are your payment terms for such a grand game?” The king asked Sindhar.

“Well, if the King would be as noble and altruistic as to pay me one grain of wheat that doubles on each consecutive square of this chessboard I would be most grateful to your majesty and speak of your kindness throughout the land.” Sindhar replied.

The King was shocked to the point of almost being affronted:

“You are telling me; a man who was smart enough to create this game of skill only wants a few grains of wheat? You astound me, surely you know how little a few grains of wheat are worth?” The King scoffed!

Sindhar however repeated his simple request.

“As you wish, order our treasurer to count this man’s grains of rice and pay him accordingly” the King ordered his servants.

After a week, the King made his way to his Palace library and found Sindhar still sitting outside.

“Why are you still here Sindhar have you spent your measly wheat already?”

“On the contrary your Majesty the Treasurer is still counting I am told” Sindhar smiled kindly at the King.

“What is that lazy treasurer doing it should take less than an hour to count your measly payment. I’ll have his head for this” the Kind said angrily.

When the king turned up in the treasurer’s office there were sacks of wheat everywhere, and the treasurer has many people helping to count. The king demanded the treasurer explain himself and the treasurer said:

“Sire I feel you have been tricked; with 64 squares on the chessboard, if the number of grains doubles on successive squares, then the sum of grains on all 64 squares is: 1 + 2 + 4 + 8… and so forth for the 64 squares. The total number of grains equals 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 which is more wheat than we have in the kingdom and now I am afraid poor Sindhar is richer than you now!”

Within the week Sindhar became the King and the old King was given the job of counting wheat for the rest of his life, and legend tells us he lost each time at Chess whenever he played anyone.

exponential bags of wheat

exponential bags of wheat

As entrepreneurs and this is now a term given to everyone now who is of working age as the idea of Jobs for life is so last century and we must all try at least to have some idea of how to make some kind of business for ourselves so we can survive the times we are in between work.

The exponential effect which Sindhar relied on in our parable, is a business skill we must all learn and be very aware of as social networking uses this very simple but all powerful law of the universe to full effect.

The challenge of life is; there are more people like the King than there are people like Sindhar around today, meaning few people understand the law of attraction and the basis of working hard now, to receive so much more later on.

Networking is all about working hard at the start, and just working off the faith that it will come for very small rewards now, but later taking a karmic return that is Billions of times multiplied for the effort put in blindly in the beginning.

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leads 4 biz affiliate marketing

leads 4 biz affiliate marketing

Not something a closed minded employee could ever get his head around, yet times are changing and people must get ready for the day there are no jobs and instead of when you meet someone asking them where they work in 5 years people will ask what you do as a business assuming you work online.

Many Baby Boomers and Generation X are retiring now, and not always on the date their Government told them they should and using savings that they let accumulate and multiply as well managed savings do. Only because they received good advice from a professional way back then.

Are you ready for your professional advice now?