The meaning of Christmas


Hi all, I bet your thinking, oh no another one of those articles to tell us to stop all our lives, get on the love train as if we don’t have enough to do already.  Well let me just stop you now, I am not one of those mums with glitzy houses beaming, with kids who are clean from top to toe, I am rushing like the best of them.

I am just here to say, it is time for love and only love, we need realistic more than anything this time of year and we all have days where our plans just go to the waste side, I know I am at the moment feeling the rush and madness of the silly season.

I just know for me that times like this my tips of health and well being sure pay off.  I feel days that oh no I missed or booked myself twice and have to apologise for not checking my diary, and a few noses go sideways thinking they got left of my most important friends list.

To cut to the chase I missed my daughters teachers dinner as I made a home party with friends on same night and had to go blushing to teachers and say, would you believe I completely forgot!  Most people say oh don’t worry but you can see they are not impressed they just don’t want to let you know that you have let them down.

Goals setting.

I keep a diary but more to look busy than check off my to dos and goals but all things aside my goals are my lifeline.  I have written loose 10 kilos by my birthday, which is the 25th of January, but perhaps keeping them realistic like .5 kilos a week rather than a whopping 1 – 2 kilos down by D-day would be more realistic than not getting there and facing another disappointment would be good I think.

I also know when it comes to the crunch, letting go of all goals for a downtime day is crucial to get there.  I feel great now and darn well am proud of the weight I have lost to know even if I am not a size 10 just yet, I feel definitely sure I will get there if I allow myself some chocolates on Christmas.  I am not one of these girls who can attend a party and say, oh no thanks, I will skip the after dinner mints, I am not going to have coffee either as I will be up all night!  I am going to have the coffee, enjoy a few chocolates and if the mood takes me a cake too!

I now look at what I have achieved this month and year and if I do say so myself I think I have had a good one.  I survived, my children are healthy apart from the odd lolly or two, my mum dad and family are still around love them or loath them, we all have things in our life good and bad it is totally how we choose to look at things, not what we have in terms of material value, there is always someone with more and always someone with less.

People of Inspiration

My heart broke a little hearing the news that Nelson Mandela passed but it got me to thinking, look at the difference one life can do.  He sure didn’t have it easy, he had things coming at him from all directions but did he roll over and say I am just destined for bad luck, no, he got up, rallied his friends, gathered up a whole lot of courage and love and made his life one that not just his own country looked at but a world of onlookers went wow.  I feel a life of service and love such as his goes on forever such as the people like Princess Diana, Mother Theresa, singers also like Rhianna, Beyonce and those women and people who inspire us.

I think even if we take a pinch of the love that such leaders inspire in us and make it our own and just simply believe in ourselves we can make a huge difference in our own lives and those around us.  I know if I think of myself and my family, it all makes sense and makes me think how lucky I am to have a roof over my head, two kids that love me and if nothing else I have a heart that beats, hands to type, legs to walk and a body that functions.

We all have that, if your reading this you have eyes to see or an ability to get up and go and I feel that I have a connection with all of you reading to say, stop what your doing right now and be  thankful, yes you reading this, be thankful for even one thing in your life.  If we stop and think we all have something in our lives to be thankful for.   Food on your plate, a joy of living, a zest for life is available if you let life grab you and take you on the journey your already on.  If your reading this please, take a pen and paper out, I know I am, and write yourself the following.

Everytime you Love, everytime you give ,…it’s Christmas

This helped me out of a jam many a time, simple, easy and we all can grab a pen and paper and boys please don’t say that is something girls do, the best of life coaches I know like the Tony Robbins, a leader in not only life coaching but a leader at one time for the richest men alive list did it!  If he can I am sure you can too.  Girls this will be easy, if you’re like me you love hearing the sound of your own voice or pen!

Just for now if you don’t have a journal, write it on your paper at home, anything will do, just grab it now go!!  I made a list once and I remember it was hard at the beginning to get out of my head but once I got two things down, it got a bit easier, then I went back and just kept adding.  It is like a can of worms, once you open your lid of love you will be oozing with it from all directions.  That sounds funny yes but trust me, let it be your guiding light, your own best friend, your own navigator.    You will be beaming from ear to ear soon, even a slight smile is a smile!

Body Moving, keep that body moving.

One thing also I have discovered this year is the need to move, the need to exercise, there is just something about movement that makes life and bones a little less rusty.  I know I can carry a little bit more on my body but I know for a fact if that body is moving at least once a day I feel great and like I have achieved something.

We all have five minutes a day and before you go, oh no, that isn’t my thing, the only moving I do is the arm to mouth action or walk to the fridge deal, you can still do that, just means that you can enjoy more of those treats and yummy stuff! Imagine being able to indulge a bit more, a lot more in fact.   I know for me I love my chocolate and coffees and I do have them but now I just make sure I exercise a lot more and for me this was a complete horror a few years back.  I was a smoker, eater and all things non healthy but thanks to a friend who told me the joys of it I now love it!

I also think exercise is something unique for everyone, if you love the outdoors get walking or if you love music get dancing.  If you love slow moving, do thai chi, yoga or just get out and start researching and talk to friends already exercising and tag along, there is loads of stuff you can do.  I heard that 30 minutes a day is good but if your at a stand still now, start with 5, get up and walk around the block of  just do some gardening if that is your thing, cleaning the house is great too, I know I need to do more of that!  Trust me when I say, this will totally change your life!

Meditation or me time

This can be reading a book, writing yourself a journal, prayer time, meditation time, relaxation, music time.  Whatever you choose just make five minutes a day to have for you.  I know for me it is when the kids are asleep and mums/girls you will feel guilty for this and may turn a few noses of those around us!  But do it anyway, you will be glad you did.

It is so crucial to have this, men in particular I know need their caves, man caves we have for my little boy and when he used to go quiet I used to think, oh no, I need to go and save him, but he just needed some down time.

All forms of athletes have rest time, many religions talk of fasting and all forms of therapy talk about doing things for you at your own pace and making changes to your life gradually.  We are just talking about 5 minutes of down time for now.   Right here, right now, yes now!  And the aim is to get it in every day and commit to it, promise yourself you won’t stand for anything less than 5, it is easy, you can swing it.    Once you get going, it only take 30 days of something to become a habit, it will become like brushing your teeth a daily ritual if you like. If you get some resistance from yourself and others, just persevere, anything worth doing is worth doing well and change when your in a comfort zone is just going to take some effort and readjusting and redoing is all, just don’t make a huge deal, just flow and go with it.

Baby steps

Remember any change we see from our efforts will be subtle.  And the same should be said for the way we make the changes.  You have been walking this way for a while.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your lifestyle.  So go easy on yourself, celebrate your wins, take the knocks and get up, dust off and keep going.

Love yourself and those around you for still sticking around on your journey of life and know you deserve happiness and love.   This life is a short one, make it count, if not now when?  Make today a life and a day of love, if nothing else live in love and make your goal for living with love today.   Take time for you, love you, be kind to you, and be gentle.  No good comes from pushing and shoving yourself into change.

Gentle love can be hard when we beat ourselves up or are used to being hard on you.  I know I can be my own worst enemy, but also I know I am my own best friend and I will be that till my very last breath.   So go on girls and guys, get those pens writing, your buts moving this Christmas and love yourselves and others, life is too short for letting the silly season get you down.  The spirit of Christmas is here for us all, it just needs to be seen from a different set of eyes!

I will leave this quote and image for a life of love and service, I couldn’t think of a man who stood for anything less than love in his life and I feel we deserve the same love and life and imspiration for Christmas, no matter what our thoughts of politics, the man lead a life of inspiration against all odds!

Nelson Mandella on Biz-find

Nelson Mandella on Biz-find


Lee Dhepnorrat