Job offered for foreigner

Job offered for desparate ferlang at Thai company with WORK PERMIT and $100k P/A salary  …


If you are the type of person who loves getting up at exactly the same time each day, eating breakfast at the same table and then showering, getting ready and joining the other millions of miserable looking people in the rush hour each day.

If you thrive in the environment where you think “Just another half hour till lunch”

If you love to spend an extra 15 minutes in the loo as this burns up valuable minutes of the boss’s time and money and not your time and definitely not your money.

If you think the boss is inherently evil anyway, and probably got given his money from his rich family and, or, won the lotto years back, and doesn’t know what ‘you have to go through each day’ and lives the life of riley and it’s all right for him as he’s filthy rich.

Do you wonder how you survive on a few bob each week in your pocket because what’s left after tax is all you have, but:
“Hey the bills are paid, well, mostly, ok we are going under a bit, but something will turn up soon to help you it always does doesn’t it?”

Is there always too much month at the end of the money?

Does creativity to you mean: How to call up sick on Monday and feign and illness so bad, even the boss thinks you are actually dying, well, until tomorrow?

As long as you have enough money to go out at the weekend then life is not so bad after all, is this your main concern each week?

We are looking for people who can bluff ambition at an interview about how autonomous they are , when we are thinking you can sell loads for us with little motivation, you are thinking I can sleep at my desk for hours when the boss is out having a late lunch without much help at all!

If the idea of working for commission is only  for losers and fools.

If your home is full of furniture you have years yet to finish paying for, and you have umpteen credit cards and have never actually saved up for anything in your life, you are just the kind of people we are looking for…

Then DON’T send your CV to us thanks!

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