Embrace European Delights: Authentic Swiss Bakery in Bangkok

Embrace European Delights: Authentic Swiss Bakery in Bangkok

Living abroad can be an exciting experience, but it often comes with nostalgic yearnings for the flavors of home. For expatriates residing in Thailand, finding that perfect European bakery can be a challenge. However, fear not because an exquisite Swiss artisan bakery has emerged to fulfill your cravings for authentic European treats – all made fresh to online order and conveniently shipped all over Thailand.

With its commitment to traditional Swiss baking techniques, it not only caters to expatriates but also introduces the Thai community to some less known but irresistible delights of Swiss cuisine. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind missing European bakery foods, suggest alternatives in Bangkok, and uncover the hidden gem known as the Swiss baker in Bangkok.

Yearning for European Bakery Foods?

Living away from one’s home country often elicits a sense of nostalgia, especially when it comes to food. Expatriates who desire European bakery foods while living in Thailand long for familiar flavors, textures, and aromas. Nothing brings back memories like biting into a freshly baked bread, bun, pastry or cookie. The high quality and unique recipes passed down through generations showcase the craftsmanship of European bakers, making these treats truly exceptional.

Alternative Options in Bangkok

Fortunately, Bangkok is a melting pot of culinary cultures and offers a diverse range of dining options, including European-inspired bakeries. While they may not match the authenticity of European bakeries, these establishments bring a taste of home to expatriates seeking solace in familiar flavors. Despite being a mere imitation, these places provide some comfort, but for an authentic European bakery experience, one must venture into the world of the Swiss baker in Bangkok.

Jacky Baumann is a unique blend of Thai and Swiss ingredients, flavored with a bit of Italian spice and temperament. She grew up in Eastern Switzerland, where she got her initial hospitality experience in her family’s own restaurant.

Over the years, Jacky developed a bespoke technique of manufacturing delicious bread and pastries in Thailand, generally following the Swiss-German tradition of baking and directly importing many of the high-quality ingredients.

Today, Jacky has a large and loyal following of customers in Thailand – particularly in Bangkok and Phuket and she splits most of her time between these two locations.

Furthermore, Jacky-Bakes can also support families, clubs and companies in Event Catering, where Jacky may offer buffets of cheeses, dried meat as well as her baking delicacies.

Originally serving clients out of her own tiny kitchen in Samut Prakarn, Jacky-Bakes recently scaled her baking business into a more professional operation.

Christmas Cookies have always been a key seasonal offering of Jacky-Bakes and this year’s manufacturing has already been ramped up. As usual, clients may ask to order their fair share of traditional German-Style Christmas cookies early and may simply visit the website or follow Jacky Bakes on Facebook or Instagram. On the website, you can order today but indicate their preferred delivery date in the weeks before Christmas.  

Besides Christmas Cookies, Jacky-Bakes is always busy with the preparation of Company Gifts. Rather than sending seasonal greeting cards or hampers to clients as Seasons’ Greetings, more and more companies decide to provide artisanal baking products (mostly Christmas cookies) at year-end.