6 Simple Brand Awareness Strategies

A brand awareness strategy is a set of tactics used by marketers to help their company spread their message, grow their audience, and establish high brand recognition from their target market. 

Here are 6 tried and proven strategies:

  • Give your brand its Personality

In order to achieve high brand awareness, you must have a strong brand. As in what do people remember most about your business?

Strong brands are memorable and have a personality and voice of their own. It is important to give your brand a personality that is true to your brand and will resonate with your target audience. This voice can be funny, witty, emotional, happy, smart, sentimental, or anything else you believe will be consistent with your brand, and above all stand out from your competitors.

Recently working with a Tailor in Bangkok, a notoriously difficult business model to build more  brand exposure for, if you ever have been to Bangkok you will know there are literally hundreds of Tailors in the capital, and thousands nationwide, each shop seems to be the same.

I spent some time getting to know my client and I found that the owner had a lot of outside charitable interests and seemed to be actually really good at business, so I marketed him as a friend you can call into anytime and have a business chat, like a networking hub, his central location right on the main train station is so convenient and you can just get measured for a smart suit at the same time.

whats different leads4biz
what’s different?
  • Use Influencer Marketing

All social media platforms have influencers that create content focused on different interests and hobbies.

There are also business influencers who generate entrepreneurial content in the business and news arenas, getting back links and mentions from these people can be invaluable to your brand. Harder to find that the pretty 20 year old doing make up lessons however just go to a well-known business website and look to their blogs page!

It is important to select influencers whose values and interests line with your organization. This allows you to use their network to appeal to their followers that are likely to be interested in your products or services.

Influencers are mostly thought of as younger models and Tik Tok users with large audiences who are useful for brands that target a younger audience as the 18-29 age group uses social media the most, and are the most likely to be influenced by online content creators. 

  • Use Content Marketing

Increase the volume of content you upload on your social media platforms, and ensure this content is high-quality and resonates with your customers. When customers enjoy your posts, they more are likely to share it with others, attracting more potential customers to your page. Additionally, an increased engagement through likes, shares, mentions, and comments will increase your brand awareness. 

Remember people on social media don’t want to be sold to, you need foreplay here as much as you need in any area of life, and you need to be genuine and real and above all entertaining whist also educating the readers.

I was one told by my mentor there are 2 motivating factors that make people read a business blog

  1. What will I learn from this post?
  2. What will I lose if I do not read this post?

Both are motivating factors so think about what your audience will learn but above all be fun and be you!

What’s in your blog?
  • Create Referral Programs 

Referrals provide current customers with an incentive to refer your products or services to their friends and family. This strategy can be used to convert your existing consumers’ network to become a part of your customer base. This is a quick, cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and drive business. 

Say a ‘refer 3 get yours free’ which works in any business organization.

Also we rarely ask for referrals anymore, when I was a salesperson after we finished with a client we always asked them to refer some people to us, this was were 70% of our new business came from.

Remember network marketing when they told you that just 3 people could give you access to millions of people when you consider the multiplication factor.

  • Create more Video Content

Video marketing is a great way to capture the attention of your target audience. With social networks such as Facebook and YouTube competing for video views, their algorithms promote the video format. Great video content will be shown to users and their increased engagement will help increase brand recognition.  Helps with SEO as well as Google owns YouTube and are always happy to promote their videos that you made on their search engine.

Want a free video for your business? check out our clients videos

  • Don’t forget Offline Campaigns

It is important to also incorporate brand awareness strategies that focus on offline campaigns. Offline marketing campaigns such as billboards, offline magazines,  posters,  and brand awareness campaigns like sponsoring a golf club, or under privileged people or just to promote our heroes and heroines of society still have the power to reel in new customers and increase brand recognition. 

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