Managing the baby (Taking control of your life)

Managing the baby (Taking control of your life)

You are just a big baby underneath!

The secret in getting what you really want in life is about taking control of the big kid inside all of us.

Entrepreneurs see opportunity where others don’t and that isn’t to say opportunities are really obscure and to see them takes a very unique individual with x ray specs and laser vision, opportunities are everywhere. It’s more a case of people ignoring them as they fail to see what it could mean to them, or, this may surprise you, I have seen occasions where a business person has an opportunity placed in front of them that scientifically will work if the correct amount of effort is put in to it and temporary discomfort is endured, but the price to pay was too much, so they ‘talked themselves out of it’

Your subconscious mind is like a ten year old, ten year olds know what’s right and wrong, and have an inbuilt sense of what must be done to achieve anything, yet it is really lazy, my subconscious wants everything good in life but does not want to do pay the price for anything,

He nags me to do the lottery because that will get him everything without any work, yeah right! It reminds me when I am hungry by placing thoughts of pizza and pies in my mind, it makes my back and legs ache when I want to sit down, oh yes, everybody’s subconscious mind is a real lazy ass, if you don’t train it!!!

Training ones subconscious is all about making that little ten year old within see what you get when you actually move out of the comfort zone, which your subconscious mind will wallow in till death if you allow it to. Anyone who has spent time with a ten year old will tell you how to motivate, in little steps:

“All you have to do Johnny is shovel 5 yards of snow and the pancakes are yours” that seems a price worth it so off he goes, tell him to shovel the whole yard for a full breakfast, and a million reasons not too will flood your brain and back inside you go and wait till Spring!

Have small goals for each day achieve them and award yourself, and make it a step towards your future long term goal, remember from acorns come Big Oak trees.

Make the goal bigger than the price you have to go through, and your ten year old will put down the pancakes and Play station games and get out in the snow and go after what he really wants, just keep him seeing the goal and divide the pain to get it, into little bite size chunks and I will meet you on the other side

To your success