What’s the biggest killer of working men?

What’s the biggest killer of working men?

190 Billion Dollars in Health Care Expenses for what?

Diabetes? Nope!

Influenza? Nope!

Alzheimer’s’?  Nope!

Covid? Definitely NOT!!

The answer is stress! In particular; workplace stress and anxiety of employment. We worry about; finding a job, then keeping a job, paying the bills, keeping a roof over our heads, protecting the family. This kind of stress comes as standard with a pair of testicles I am afraid.

Recent data from University College London shows that the gap in mortality rates for young people in the worst-performing countries and the best-performing countries increased over time. About a third of deaths in young people were due to accidents, injuries or conflicts and violence. Another third were from infections, poor nutrition or pregnancy. And the rest were from non-communicable diseases such as cancer or suicide.

We all at times often wonder how we sleep at night, and when we do sometimes sleep really well some of us feel guilty the next day for not worrying!

Stress at work?

When our partners ask us men what we are thinking of, and we say sure you want to know.  Well you don’t, my Mum always said; a problem shared is a problem two people now have..

Stress comes in all forms, and sometimes it is difficult to see, we all have coping mechanisms and sometimes they seem to be positives , until they are discovered to be really just masking the real issue underneath that we must get to first, to be able to help.

Neuro Linguistic Programmers are making leaps in this field, breaking down the layers and layers that have been covering the route cause, through natural hypnosis and then introducing a way to break the damaging pattern with a new habit.

One type of stress which is making many young men very ill indeed is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.) Denounced by physicians until recently because; ‘Soldiers are supposed to deal with it, it’s their job’

Watch a couple of executions on YouTube and you feel shocked right? For a few minutes, well imagine you watched friends losing lives and limbs day after day, for 6 months or more, and tell me your thought will be clear forever after!

In a war situation you are supposed to accept the fact you are already dead, that is the only way to deal with the situation of combat and react sensibly to dangerous situations and think clearly. P.T.S.D occurs when you leave the Military and readjust to not having to kill people and see friends lose lives and body parts.

You can’t just close the book on this one, you will probably be experiencing awful nightmares and the tough thing to do is go and ask for help, because as soldiers we were trained to improvise and adapt so many think they can deal with it themselves.

#22PUSHUPS is a viral campaign to bring awareness to P.T.S.D.

It’s not just soldiers who are ashamed to ask for help many ordinary young men in desk jobs are suffering and are experiencing a deep decline in their productivity due to workplace stress.

Entrepreneurs are extremely susceptible to stress, it comes with the territory, leaving a regular paid job to chance it in the world with an idea, no regular money, a mortgage and most as it seems a family as well, and hopefully some investors for a startup idea.

Whatever route your life has taken, stress is a normal staple of life. Like anything it can be a good thing, stress on muscles through exercise leads to growth, stress of education and learning new things is all part of growth, but what can we do to help combat the nasty stress?

Different types of stress  can lead to; headaches, migraines, hypertension, asthma, fatigue, insomnia, depression anxiety, indigestion, reflux, heart or lung problems, weakened immune system, skin problems, chronic muscle tension or pain, irritable bowel, fibromyalgia, arthritis, colds and sinus infections to name a few.

The conspiracy theorists are on to something when they say the pharmaceutical industry wants us to stay ill for longer. There is good profit in sick people who stay alive and consume medicines, so what can we do to manage day to day stress?



There are so many levels of Meditation from just simple breathing, to becoming enlightened to be one with the universe with all the answers you seek, like a Buddha after many lifetimes. Anything that you can do that concentrates your energy away from the stressful thought is a form of meditation, crosswords, Sudoku, knitting, video games, walking,  going the gym, boxing, martial arts, playing with your dog, and just sitting silently and listening to your breathing is one way.

When gurus tell novices you must empty your mind and think of nothing. Well that to me is impossible, thinking of nothing is thinking! The very first step in meditation is listening to how you are breathing and just trying to slow down your breathing and listen to each in breath and out breath, there, you are now meditating in the very first level, wasn’t that hard was it?

All to many young people die every year through stress and Suicide is one tragedy on the stress branch. I had a young brother die at 30 years of age to suicide. The Coroner a very wise and experienced person told our family to try to understand that my brother was the happiest he’d been in a long time when he made the fateful decision.

One thing you could do to combat the stress of worrying about your family is to make sure your medical Insurance is up to date and still offers the best service for your money, a simple scan for a tummy upset can set you back 50,000 THB in Thailand.

Of course everyone sleeps better knowing if for some reason your little ticker’s time is up today, your family does not have to double the pain of losing their Daddy, and /or Husband by moving out of your house and having to leave the school and move into a less salubrious environment than they had with you!

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