What’s the one dating trick woman use that men would never think of?

What’s the one dating trick woman use that men would never think of?

As an internet marketing trainer and social media marketer, the conversation of dating and its relevance to marketing a business often comes up.

There are things I have learned that really make sense now I am effectively middle aged, and although I cannot claim to be a woman expert, nor would any man ever be brave or foolish enough to claim to know all about the fairer sex, when even woman self admittedly don’t know enough about themselves to claim this either, I have learned one thing though that really surprised me, is that woman really use other woman’s opinion to weigh up if a man is good enough for them.

The converse is also true that a man who sees a woman with many male friends and admirers as a real obstacle to getting through to the lady in question, whereas woman will see your popularity with other woman as a plus and a challenge.

Woman, since our earliest days of our communities share a common bond of understanding even though this may go often unsaid. All woman love to find a team leader, the alpha male, and this thankfully nowadays commutes to any man; who can really take care of himself and her probably, this could also mean any man that’s doing well for himself, we don’t have to defeat wild bears or scalp ten of the enemy to find a squaw willing to bear us children anymore. And there is no better example of your eligibility than if you are already popular with other woman and have admirers already.

Woman trust other woman’s intuition about men without too much hesitation, whereas, no man could ever trust even his best male friend to find them a date, the consequences of such actions are not even worth thinking about eh lads?  A woman tends to have quite a small agenda for what stands for ‘a good man’ initially, as they feel they can mould him afterwards. It has been said:  

“A woman takes a man and hopes to change him and he never changes, a man takes a woman and he hopes she will never change, and she always does!”

Testimonials on websites are an undisputable third party admirer for your business and you should unashamedly highlight them where you can online. Make sure you have a legit contact number or email address that only strengthens how genuine it is.  Try to place a testimonial in places where it is relevant. For example if you are a locksmith and you also make security windows, make sure you have a security window customer testimonial on that page!

When I have finished an Internet marketing course in UK with my clients I always offer a free two hour follow up, but it’s not 100% free, my clients have to give me a testimonial or a referral, to get that free follow up, this was just one way I used to great effect to get all my testimonials on my website.