What would your child choose – an Agency nanny or a nanny off the internet?

What would your child choose – an Agency nanny or a nanny off the internet?

There is a trend Post-Covid towards hiring domestic staff directly off the internet – I can only assume this is to save paying an Agency fee because it really is a time-consuming and infuriating process which you will also discover typically ends in failure with the families finding themselves back at the beginning surprisingly quickly and having to do it all again. So the few thousand baht they save by finding their own nanny is in all honesty a false economy as their time definitely will be wasted &  they will become frustrated and irritated from doing this without help.

So let’s look at some of the advantages of asking for help and hiring an experienced nanny through a reputable agency – like PNA Ltd.  

1. Safety and Security: A reputable agency screens, checks the background and references and pre-interviews their nannies. This ensures that the person taking care of the child is experienced in a similar role, is trustworthy, reliable and capable of providing a safe environment. Children feel more secure knowing they are in the hands of someone who knows what she is doing.

2. Expertise and Experience: An experienced nanny, especially one hired through a reputable agency, possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to properly care for your children – at PNA Ltd we make sure of this. The nannies have the experience to handle a variety of situations such as emergencies, challenging behaviour or health issues, all of which can give the children a sense of confidence and comfort knowing that they are in capable hands.

3. Personalized Attention: This is absolutely key. Nannies hired through reputable agencies often have a strong focus on building a close bond with the child. In Thailand it is almost second nature to them to provide personalized attention and tailoring their care based on the specific needs and interests of the child. This individualized approach helps children feel valued, understood and cared for.

4. Consistency and Routine: Hiring a nanny through an agency enables a stable and consistent presence in a child’s life. This can be especially important for younger children who thrive on routine and familiarity. Having a reliable nanny who knows the child’s preferences, learns the routines and adapts to their needs can help to create a stable and secure environment, which promotes emotional well-being.

5. Educational and Developmental Support: Experienced nannies draw on their experience to assist with child development and can provide age-appropriate educational activities and stimulation. They can engage children in learning opportunities, help with homework (not to be mistaken for teachers though) and support the childs’ general development. This fosters intellectual growth and enhances a child’s cognitive abilities.

6. Emotional Support: A reliable and trustworthy nanny will become a mentor and trusted confidant for a child, providing them with emotional support and guidance. They lend a listening ear and offer advice, which can bolster a child’s emotional well-being and help them navigate challenges or transitions.

Nannies are not one size fits all though and a nanny that has been a great fit for one family might not necessarily be great for yours. Because of this everyone who is hired through PNA Ltd begins on a 1 month probation and can be replaced for free if things are not going according to plan. We know from our experience that it can sometimes take more than 1 attempt to find the right nanny for a family …so please come with an open mind, trust us and everything will be just fine.

All of our nannies are legally allowed to work as domestic workers in Thailand and have work permits and visas. Many are multi-lingual with Thai & English (to varying levels) as well as Burmese, Nepalese and sometimes Hindi or even Chinese.

Some live in Bangkok with their own families and choose to work on a live-out basis while others will look to work on a live-in basis.

We always have a selection of nannies who are in-between employers and reasons for this are:-

* The hiring familys stay in Thailand comes to an end (often after 2-3 years) and they move on/repatriate.

* They move to a different area of the city and their nanny cannot move with them

* They expand their family and switch to a nanny with newborn experience

* The kids get older and no longer need a nanny so the family elects to hire a maid/cook instead

* The nanny might return home to get married and start a family of her own

So, for lots of different reason we always have experienced staff looking for a new employer. Typically nannies here in Thailand work as both the nanny and the maid – so they look after the kids as well as do the washing, ironing & cleaning (if you need that).

So – if you find yourself on the hiring merry-go-round and going nowhere fast don’t despair! Just call us and use our 3 decades of experience and contacts. 

0906683571, 0613677477, 0842060936 (Thai), 0945606665 (Thai)  026555755 (Office)

Don’t leave it to chance – leave it to PNA Ltd.