14 Characteristics of a good nanny in Thailand

14 Characteristics of a good nanny in Thailand

Being a Nanny for somebody else’s children is more of a vocation, unlike some jobs people can do where they neither like, nor hate the work. Nannies hold such a high position in your home, especially nannies in Thailand. For many families who arrive here on expat packages a whole new culture awaits, where they can expect a steep learning curve, and you will need to contact a nanny agency who has been around for a while to find you such child care in Thailand

 If you find a quality nanny in Bangkok they can make your life so much easier and stress free and can mould a great family together, so how can you find such a great nanny:

If you’re considering hiring a nanny in Bangkok or becoming one, here are 14 characteristics we believe great nannies have in common.

  1. A great nanny has natural love of children. Nannies spend a majority of their day with little adult interaction, and must truly enjoy spending their time with ‘your darlings.’
  2. A great nanny has a natural understanding of child development. Nannies are childcare experts; they are responsible for providing the children with developmentally appropriate experiences.
  3. A great nanny speaks up for the children in her care. Nannies are willing to advocate if the children in their care’s well-being is compromised or if something is not in their best interest, while recognizing the parents have last word.
  4. A great nanny has lots of vitality. Nannies and au pairs are responsible for actively engaging the children in their care and must have a vibrant zest for life and a love of sharing new experiences with your children.
  5. A great nanny has oodles of patience. Nannies spend countless hours with children and must be able to handle children’s moods and tantrums without losing their temper or becoming outwardly irritated.
  6. A great nanny is safety conscious. Nannies are solely responsible for the children when they are ‘at work’ and must consider the children’s safety first and foremost.
  7. A great nanny is an effective communicator. Nannies have to constantly relay and receive information from parents and children. Dependable communication skills are a pre-requisite.
  8. A great nanny is flexible. Life with children is never the same day to day. Nannies must be able to adapt to the situations they face. And often they need to stretch and bend down to get them out of hidey holes!
  9. A great nanny has plenty of empathy. Nannies are in the business of caring for others. Compassion and understanding, firm but fair, is paramount.
  10. A great nanny has a nurturing spirit. People in child care are responsible for the future of our race and must be able to foster the development of our next generation.
  11. A great nanny is reliable. Parents rely on nannies so that they can fulfil their obligations. Nannies must be able to be counted on.
  12. A great nanny is responsible. Nannies are accountable for the children in their care. They must be capable of proving the best childcare one can expect.
  13. A great nanny is trustworthy. Parents depend on nannies to meet or exceed the terms of their working relationship. Nannies are trusted to do their job well and to provide outstanding care.
  14. A great nanny is organized. Nannies have many responsibilities throughout the day and must be organized to ensure that they fulfil their duties and complete their tasks with good time management skills.

While of course a child carer, like any parent, will have an occasional day where they may be less energetic or short-tempered, overall these 14 characteristics are clearly evident in a great nanny and should be strongly valued when evaluating a current or potential caregiver.

If you are lucky enough to find a nanny in Thailand with all these great skills in abundance, well we don’t need to tell you to pay them well and treat them with respect so that they stay!

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