What is the point of Social media marketing in Bangkok?


Just looking at my competitors websites on Search engines when I search for ‘Online marketing  Bangkok’ (I am 2nd organic by the way for Intrenetmediathailand.com one of 30 blogs I have running right now) and I see a plethora of companies offering to get you to be the top on Google, yet not one of them offered to give the real solution to the pain most businesses feel with their Digital marketing strategy and that is to show you how to find clients, you know those emails that are worth their weight in gold that start with:

 ‘I have been reading your blogs for a while now, and well let’s grab a coffee I am hoping you can help me’

I try to teach my clients that you have to understand precisely what it is you want to achieve, and all too often people who attend my Internet marketing workshops in Bangkok, when asked what they hope to achieve from the training they tell me: ‘To be top of Google.’

Being top of Google is stepping stone it’s not your goal. Surely your goal is to have more clients contact you because you have developed a strong brand and a strong online brand leads to trust and trust leads to clients, clients lead to money, cash flow leads to growth, growth leads to contentment, and esteem.

Where is your website leading your business to?

I learned many years ago to drill down to the emotion in every goal. For example: I asked my gorgeous 16 year old baby (can’t believe she’s 16 <sob>) what it is she wants right now, and she replied £200,000 this led to a chain of questions:

“Why do you want £200,000?”

“Cos then I could buy a house”

“Ok why do you want a house?”

“So I could have some peace and quiet”

I trained her to concentrate on that emotion of calmness and independence not £200,000, concentrating on the money leads to the Midas principle as in everything is about money and it takes 100 times longer to achieve anything thinking about it this way.

When you break down the dream into the emotion and follow that emotion, you are creating an energy and anyone who has read anything about Physics lately will know it is a science that is unearthing so many new things we did not know about the existence of energy and the route energy takes, an emotion is an a energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed so it has to go somewhere, so create emotions in your dreams. Oops this blog was supposed to be about Google right <ahem>

Point is; make sure you understand the feeling behind finding that client through your online marketing efforts!

I could give you many analogies about why some websites should never be page one on Google, I always liked The Bimbo website analogy; the kind of website that looks hot but when you investigate further there is no content under those sexy looking images! Then why would you want this website to be top of Google you are screaming out to be professionally murdered! As an internet surfer you will remember this website and when you next see it on Google you will what? Avoid it right, and the poor owner is paying for clicks to have more people bounce out quicker than when they landed.

Back to my competitors, I have not seen many that will teach you how to create a brand for yourself online, to be honest I cannot see how any other company can survive doing internet marketing for businesses. The whole point of digital marketing for your business in a nut shell is: to be yourself!

So how on Earth can you run an effective social media marketing strategy by getting someone else to do it for you?

Almost every top Fortune 500 company has a  CEO who has a blog, and they blog consistently to their shareholders, now I am not a financier, yet if I was a shareholder and Buffet always said “Only invest in what you know” I could probably tell if his secretary wrote his blog for him!

Netmediauk teaches companies the basics from domain purchase and online real estate to social media interaction and micro blogging, after a day or two with me you and your staff will learn how to get your website converting traffic to hot leads and then, that is the time to pay money to Google to amplify your success. So contact netmediauk to see how to develop a strong online brand and trust for yourself!