What is an Entrepreneur?

What is an Entrepreneur?

Over the last decade we have started to see the word ‘Entrepreneur’ a lot more and it seems to have become a recognised even aspirational choice of many. However back when I was at school we didn’t even get this word on a spelling test, let alone encouragement to get something going when we finally made it to the big scary world of the work place.

Now however the Government, in a knee jerk reaction, seems to feel well Entrepreneurialism is going to save the economy, and we all need to be more creative and start micro businesses, is this just such a positive spin on;

“There are no jobs, sort yourselves out will you?”

That’s a little cynical of me, actually better late than never we are seeing a lot of support and blogs about being an entrepreneur, which is all good, however what I do find a little hard to swallow is, that many agencies, including the government, and especially the press have got on board given the wrong impression of what it actually means.
Every overnight success is now classing Entrepreneurialism as well; easy!

Most Entrepreneurs wake up each morning nagging themselves consistently “Go get a job and get some regular money will you!”

Getting a job would be so easy, compared to sticking out the famine that so often comes with chasing a dream. The vast majority of Entrepreneurs are flat broke, but idea rich, and have a skip and a swagger that quite frankly befuddles the majority of people!

“He’s on the bones of his ass, yet he walks around likes he’s so wealthy”

Entrepreneurs are living the dream long before it has happened, it’s a kind of hypnotic self-belief of success, while the world is crumbling around them, the reality is; It is incredibly hard work, stressful, and demanding, you will probably lose your shirt, not once but twice. It can take anything from 3-12 years on average; this is what I have found talking to other Entrepreneurs. If you have a family you will have to drag them along too. Being an Entrepreneur means learning and doing every aspect of a job, being the boss and the gopher all at the same time! It won’t bother you though, as you are committed to your cause and you believe quitters never win.

You will need to know how to understand pay to earnings ratios, balance sheets, and business investments, you are going to have to spend all your savings on yourself in seminars and training, as Kiyosaki said “Invest in yourself.” Finding the best trainers and mentors to trust is a journey in itself.

There will be what seems eons of time where you will be running a business where you aren’t making any money, and although you have faith, you probably could put a year on the time you turn a profit, but not a month or a day. Your mortgage provider isn’t too keen to understand this predicament!

The crazy thing is; when you actually start to make the money, and you can clear some bills then you lose your time, as the business in its growth stage will really start to become demanding as you take on more staff, and now you have to worry about their livelihood now, and you have to make important decisions every day. Perhaps by this time you can afford some Heart Pills!

My old friend and mentor Steven Reynolds once told me;

“We Entrepreneurs are true Masochists, because we always look for the path that is really gonna hurt cos that’s where the money is!”

I just wish when the terms ‘overnight success’ ‘wealthy businessman’ and ‘living the dream’ were tempered with the harsh reality that comes with being an entrepreneur.

If it sounds like your kind of nightmare, cool, then go in tell the boss you are off to find your fortune, say goodbye to the salary, and then don’t ring me up to borrow a few bob till the next job comes in, and GOOD LUCK You are certainly going to need it and tons of faith and a very loving and supporting family!

‘See you on the other side’

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Biz-find owner | Entrepreneurship


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