What is a lead?

Seems a daft question doesn’t it, but what if I was to say a lead means many things to many people in business:

To some leads are a list of names and emails To others leads are a Telemarketing company. I wish we could just standardize what the word Lead means. The Dictionary does not help; it goes from a heavy metal, to a male’s role in dancing, so it’s hardly surprising no one knows what an actual lead is.

lead generation on Biz-find Thailand

lead generation on Biz-find Thailand

There are echelons of the understanding of business leads:

From a name of someone you have never met who ‘you’ have decided he needs something without him ever being consulted.

All the way to what we consider a lead is;

Somebody who wants what you sell, lives in the geographical area that you cover, has the money and the decision making power to purchase today!

Some would call this qualified leads. What a telemarketing company is supposed to find through sifting through and calling and mostly annoying people to see if they are interested.

Most Sales people will tell you; all they want in life is to sit on front of people who need what they sell, life would be a dream if all you had to do is sit in front of three people every day, do your stuff, and sell to 1 at the very least.

However Sales is 80% marketing and branding. If I went back to being a sales rep now I would certainly spend a lot of time online seeing what kind of a brand the company I am going to work for has, and what people are saying about them, that’s what your customers are doing now!

I would also look to see how professional their marketing team are, how they are finding sales leads for the sales team. Marketing has not really come that far since the 1980’s when I started working in Sales and marketing.

All we seem to do now is try to find leads through the same old canvassing and then making appointments, the only difference 30 years has made is we now do it on Facebook and LinkedIn, and we send flyers via Twitter and email marketing. Everyone is still doing the same hit and hope marketing, which is a killer for start-ups and new business.

Buyers Market

I was hoping back in the early 90’s when I started using email for business every day that the internet would revolutionise the way we found business online, yet most open up the laptops delete hundreds of emails everyday which are so badly targeted but hey they only need one in a million to make money, and then try to avoid all the spam on LinkedIn and ignore posts begging you to sign up to some course or buy a property in Syria as its dead cheap now.

Buy leads now on biz-find Thailand

Buyers Market

Everyone is yelling trying to be heard above their competition to sell their stuff. Why has the internet not learned to marry business people up? You need this product and this guy sells that product; off you both walk into the sunset.

It’s even difficult when you are a buyer, and you need a product and a service, you go online and have to sift through a lot of crappy websites to find a phone number which people are reluctant to add due to spam cold calls, they are even worried to add an email address because they are sick of deleting spam. So it’s not as easy as you first think getting three suppliers to quote you.

But businesses buy things every single day, they need to, so as to keep running their business effectively. If we have a super information highway why have we not found a way to marry business up?

We at Biz-find believe we have found the solution, but it will take 7 years to master!!

Lucky we started 7 years ago then isn’t it!

We started a business directory like many others, a me too site, it had upgrades and banners for monetisation, is free to join and we share all new members to our social media reach, not to dis-similar to many others out there. However we never used the banners and upgrades to monetize, we actually give these valuable features away in return for information as in the things that company is buying today. Because we used the law of reciprocation as in we gave them loads of free marketing to over 500k reach on social media (that took ten years) first, so they are now happy to speak to us and run with our business idea and we receive leads daily.

Finding Leads in Thailand

Finding Leads in Thailand


We then sell these leads on to buyers. So if you are a sales rep or a company owner who needs more sales now!

Forget the whole rigmarole of starting from scratch with marketing on social media It will take years, trust us we know, we started blogging and content marketing in 2009 and we’ve achieved first page now for all our blogs, more importantly the offshoot is people trust us enough and we have around ten signups a day on our Biz-find sites, more business buying things every day for us to market!

Forget getting a sales team in to canvass an area and make appointments and their company cars and taxes and insurance Forget hiring a tele-marketing team to blanket call everyone to see who’s interested. Not to mention the headaches with recruitment.

Forget waking up at sparrows fart to meet your B.N.I. friends and breathe morning breath all over them each week and trying to ignore the drunken party goers who have no intention of business who are at the evening chamber event for cheap wine!

Biz-find Thailand events

Biz-find Thailand boozy events

The solution

Just tell us what category you want leads in and what area you want the leads and when we receive a lead in your category they are yours. We receive around ten leads a day from every sector of business so you can guarantee that we will find at least two people each month that want to buy what you sell, in the area where you cover and are the decision makers with money to buy.

Not bad for around 60 U.S.D. a month, try get a sales and marketing team for 60 bucks a month!!

Heck… Try finding a Decent Sales and marketing team for an hour for $60!

All you have to do is call their telephone number we give you, make the appointment and take your ever charming arse along, sit in front of them and tell them why you are the best!

Biz-find changing the online business perspective to make the internet a sellers’ market!

For more information contact Biz-find in your country.