What if you could draw your mind?

If you could float away from your living body for just a minute, and saw yourself sitting there on the chair, would that be you or are you the person looking at you?

The challenge life coaches have with their clients is to make them understand what the mind actually is, when most people think of the mind that squashy thing we see in pictures called our brain comes to mind, very few people can understand the premise that our mind is inside our brain, and nobody has quite ever put their mind on the table for all to see.

Makes me wonder when I was a child why I was so afraid when my Dad said “I’m going to give you a piece of my mind Sonny boy!’

No surgeon has ever proclaimed ‘we have successfully transplanted his mind into another man’s brain.’

But our brain is just a muscle and I for one disagree with these ideals that suggest we only use a tiny part of brain, I believe we only use a tiny part of our mind.

We are in fact doing our own brains a disservice by saying such things. I believe the brain works tirelessly all day keeping our temperature just right in varying conditions, making sure the liver cleans our blood, the kidneys keep the good water, the lungs exchange that oxygen to carbon, to delete all the fat from that hamburger you had for lunch again, and countless other functions we take for granted each day.

In fact the brain does enough, it’s your mind you are not using or at least using the wrong way.

I believe the mind will unlock all the questions of the universe we have sought from the first moment our ancestors looked to the skies and asked; why are we here?

One such Prince from India who’s learning and ideas later spread and influenced most of Asia for the last 2,000 odd years certainly promised the answer to us all if we just use our mind and shut out the noise and listen to what our mind is trying to tell us.

Biz-find buddha


The mind thinks in pictures, it’s quite lazy like that, it does not read text well, the opposite of what I tell my clients about Search engines. It also feeds on feelings and emotions what I tell my clients who struggle to market mundane products and services to use.

To have what you want in life there must be a mini movie in your head called:

‘When I have made it.’

Or rename it whatever you want, it must be a movie that reflects your perfect life, and like an infant who loves his Barney video, it must be played over and over in your mind and the script is second nature to you, the emotions on people’s faces and that trigger emotional moment when you give whatever it is to your Spouse, Son, Daughter, friend, that makes you shiver inside must be felt each time you re-watch the movie in your mind.

The mind movie is just the start; many people watch the movie in their heads every day for years but never go out and answer the universe calling. You have to take action and this is where the vast majority fail…

I see it every day I ask people what’s in your mind movie and they tell me, no, they regale me, with everything they love about their mind-movie.

One guy I know told me about his understanding of the law of attraction, and how he thought it was simply  poppycock and does not work, he told me:

“I was right there in my reverie, I was ripped and lean, which is a life dream to me, the girls who laughed at the chubby kid from school were winking and eyeing me up I felt amazing, I could feel my muscles tightening as I was lying there on my couch, I was so confident taking my shirt off on the beach and swimming with my children and my wife so proud of me too and well our love life is amazing”

Biz-find dream

Biz-find dream

“Then what?” I asked.

“Well I heard the door go and hauled my 18 stone frame of the couch, but by the time I got there the delivery man had gone.

”“Did he leave a card?” I asked

“Yeah it was for the exercise bike my friends chipped in and bought for me”

“Did you have it delivered again?”

“Naa went off the idea by then!”

Well you know what has happened to this guy don’t you?

The universe is trying to tell so many of you and to answer your mind movie, they are like emails to the universe but many are not seeing the opportunities the cosmos is sending you every single day.

Answer the door and try a few of these things, change what you are doing if you want different results.

Dream and then answer the universe with action when it replies to you.

The mind for what we imagine it to be, can do extraordinary things to our body it can fire up muscles and change your entire physiology just by thinking, so make sure you feed it the right things and train it well to answer your minds movie.

Everybody needs some help to train their mind to achieve amazing things and quite often the smallest change can mean massive results, ask any golfer what a little exercise to stretch their torso can mean to their game, a millimeter on their swing that means an extra 35 yards on their distance.

Little ripples can become Tsunamis.

To learn more about your mind and tap into resources you never knew you could, and to make those changes that you have been trying to make for years then Philip Martin has the answer in his FREE seminar in Bangkok.

Biz-find mindset

Biz-find mindset

Philip Martin Live in Bangkok

Philip Martin Live in Bangkok