The truth about Lead generation

The truth about B2B Lead generation

Lead generation as a term means so much to business people, taking in its purest form it should mean; ‘I know someone who wants to buy from you right now’ A genuine lead is the Holy Grail of all business.

solution selling Biz-find

Solution selling Biz-find

So to that end web designers and Social Media people, as well as Telemarketing people and Email marketing people, in fact all marketing promises the end of the funnel; the Holy grail of business which is; the qualified lead, the most profitable information your company needs right now. But 90% of what is promised is not lead generation.

Ask the Chicken what he wants; and he’ll tell you he wants to get across the road, onto the other pavement opposite to the one he is on now, that is his goal, but so many people will come and try to sell him shoes, skateboards, roller skates, bicycles, to create a pelican crossing,  a Feng Shui master to tell him which way he should face, a gym instructor to get him fit for the journey, a nutritionist to keep him strong enough, so many things that would help him to cross the road, but no one is offering to pick the poor chicken up and place him on the other side of the road.

There are millions of businesses out there making a decent living creating tools to help you to get what you want, the business of tools is booming thank you, and few people sell the end result. The businesses that sell the end result quickly are the most profitable, think drugs and Ice cream!

Opium marketing Biz-find

Opium marketing Biz-find

Exhibitions and Exhibition stands is a multi-billion dollar business, ask a savvy sales person in the expo business what he sells, and it’s not expos or expo stuff, it’s leads, he gives his customers the end goal dream of lots of new leads through making a stand at the local expo hall.

Ask a digital marketing sales person what they sell, and it’s more leads through a great website.

Ask an Online marketing person what he sells and it’s more leads through a content marketing strategy.

In fact ask anyone in marketing what they sell and it’s; more customers, that’s the end game.

Social Media marketing Biz-find

Social Media marketing Biz-find

One of the greatest marketing arenas of the 20th century sold something so sublime, that they created an almost secular cult following from it. They sold happiness, not the pursuit of happiness, pure happiness! To this day they have never faltered in their product, sure they sold a lot of decent products along the way but the products were stepping stones, tools to help you get what you want.

Of course I refer to the Multi-Level marketing industry who sold the dream of financial independence through selling more stuff through a team of people, the years of hard work to get to ‘time and money dream’ is divided into steps and tons of motivation. The enduring companies have the best training organisations for their people to learn what you need to do, to use their tools, and most important for the companies is; for you to sell their products on your journey to happiness.

selling happiness Biz-find

Selling happiness Biz-find

One of my favourite marketing parables is about the Sutter family based in San Francisco at the time of the Gold Rush: Mr. Sutter senior, tried to evict people off the land he bought and brought about a massive civil suit against people who found Gold on his land, and spent most of his life fighting the case, whereas his son, took a different approach altogether:

His Son got stinking rich selling shovels to the dreamers and prospectors of 1849 and was very popular and had a great life of it by all accounts.

sell shovels on Biz-find

Sitter Jnr Gold rush Rntrepreneur

Personally if it was 1849 and I’d turned up on those hills with my shovel and my mule and someone told me  you don’t have to spent hours digging and sieving son, I’ll tell you were the gold is just sitting there waiting to be picked, well he’d be a rich man selling that info very quickly!

Biz-find used all the tools available to them and learned everything the hard way, we started in Sales and marketing in the early ‘80s and progressed to web design in the 2000’s and then online marketing by 2009 and then online marketing training as a way to teach about the tools everyone needs to find leads for lazy salesmen to go along and just close the business.

Then we go into Lead generation;  I thought what if we could cut out all the tools and the average $2,000 your average business spends to find just one new customer, what if we could just take you to a customer who wants what you sell quickly, better still bring the client to you.

As a conspiracy theorist I worry sometimes that Biz-find Leads are to business what to a new cleaner much cheaper and environmentally friendly energy source is to the oil industry, and that we will put millions of people out of work.

I mean if you just sat there day after day and we sent customers to you what would you need a marketing team for? Sorry guys out you go and Sales, sorry boys there’s always vacuum cleaners to sell….

Where would that leave everyone? Will Biz-find Leads the new cause of the next crash of the stock market the likes we’ve not seen since the 1929 crash, mass unemployment and riots and of course ZOMBIES!?

Biz-find Apocolypse

Biz-find Apocalypse

NOO relax, not everyone will buy into Biz-find leads straight away, there will always be the manufacturers who son of the boss has been playing Golf with their customers for years and the socially inept people who get up to Network meetings at 6 AM as all their friends go and well without it they would never see anyone, they never do business with outsiders cos that would hurt their clique.

In 2016 Biz-find will produce lists and lists of the things our 5,000+ member businesses that found us online and then joined us for free marketing of their business, want to buy.

The lists are categorized into the seller’s category.

The lead will have a date it was posted, geographic area of the customer, and most important a detailed description of what the customer wants. If you want we can send you an email every time a lead hits your category.

I hope the Illuminati are not watching or reading this as I feel Biz-find Leads will be so revolutionary I may be assassinated, if so it was not my idea honest….