The will to win

 We are all made of the same stuff, we are all skin and bone and sinew, but what makes some people winners and others not?

At 3 O Clock each Saturday it does not matter how many of the best football players you have paid for to play for your team, the team that wants to win will be victors. It’s as simple as that.

Rocky’s trainer ‘Mickey’ in the classic Rocky series, always talked about heart, he never saw the size of the fighter as an issue, he looked to see if the fighter had ‘heart’ as in how many times can you get knocked down and keep getting back up.

Biz-find articles | The will to win

Biz-find articles | The will to win

How many times can you ignore the critics, the inner doubts, and also the naysayers and dream stealers who try to tell you; you cannot do it?

I was enthralled this week at a seminar in Bangkok by my mentor and friend Dominik Boecker, who spoke about having the heart to ignore all the critics and use it to empower you, to use the hot air to blow your sales rather than let them blow over your boat!

He shared with us an amazing video about ordinary people finding something deep inside to overcome all those critics, and here it is: