The Illusion of choice

Too many people are concentrating on selling, sure we need sales, we, as business people did not go into business not to sell, but let me give you an Earth moving transition of thought for a second.

The definition of selling is persuading someone they need your products or services and getting them to buy, this is following by ‘buyer’s remorse’ and back in my Windows selling days the way to per-empt buyer’s remorse was a skill set with a whole new bag of tools.

Closing is a another chapter in the book of sales, when we have tried to get enough yeses and nods and agreements like a puppy dog, so that when we then ask them to buy they are almost  tricked into saying yes. Is this why people don’t like being sold to?

Why are we selling stuff that people will regret soon as we have left the room, are we that good as sales people that once we have left the building the carnival is over and a dark mist comes down on everyone?  That is a case of selling too much of you as a person and not your services.

Buying on the other hand is creating such value and trust that the person has made a choice and asks YOU for the business.

This brings me to the illusion of choice, I watched one of my favourite films recently, seen it many times, but learn so much more each time I watch it, The Matrix was the brainchild of the Wachoski brothers, real geeks and scholars of Eastern philosophy. In the film, the illusion of choice is discussed quite in depth as in; are we here (In the Matrix) because we choose to be, or are we led to believe we have a choice when really it’s pre-determined?

Branding is the magic that sits way on a subconscious level so that when you walk into a shop and are presented with a plethora of smart phones, you already know which one you are going to buy, it’s your choice after all, or is it?

Apple and Samsung are masters of the Matrix, as in the brand name, the trust, the emotion, their Media advertising campaigns have one clear goal to make the choice for you on the day you step inside the shop. They don’t sell they get you to buy and make you believe it’s your choice!

This is where Social media Marketing is now the very playgrounds of top brand names, they understand that social media is first level contact for people to see the logo and name in a non-sales environment. Blogging is also first level contact with people, building up brand and trust in the product and brand loyalty, They are not selling to you at this stage they are just sharing info and having fun and engaging with the people. Yet that being said, the signs of where to buy a phone, are so clear that even a Martian of a few hours on this planet could find where to buy an Apple or a Samsung within a few hours, and not have any remorse as it’s your decision isn’t it?

What are you doing right now for your brand that is making someone want to buy your products or services because they feel trust and excitement at just seeing your logo?

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