The busy persons social media strategy (How to blog)

Social media for busy people

One thing most social media people forget is that you actually may not like doing social media. Assumption is the mother of all screw ups, we are taught, and sometimes we forget like when I am rambling on about how cool it is to blog and Rebel mouse is sending me loads of traffic and how good is re-tweeting, sometimes I see clients glaze over, I see them drift off to daydream about doing stuff they actually like doing.

One thing is for sure in business like anything else you can kid yourself for a while you are actually enjoying doing stuff you hate, with a; “this is not so bad doing this” but sure enough when it comes to the crunch time you will just find excuses not to do what you need to do. Not to say you are a bad person, just we as humans are all programmed to like doing different stuff, it’s a wonderful essence of nature that everyone is good at different things, and we don’t all love the same stuff. How boring would life be if we all wanted the same things?

The other thing I often forget as an online marketing trainer in Thailand is that our clients have a business to run or a job as such, and do not have 60 hours a week to ‘play on social media’ as my girlfriend calls it, I love it when she comes back from the salad counter at Sizzler steak house with the most salad any human can get on a small plate and I gently remind her;

“Social media play money pays for that dear”

Biz-find Thailand Somtum

Biz-find Thailand Somtum

Social media is a pivotal part of your overall marketing strategy I personally would say it should be around 40% of the entire budget should be on time taken to blogging, social media and PPC. So it’s not a case of when you start, you should have started 3 years ago would be my best guess, it’s a case of trying to fit it in to your schedule.

Here is my strategy for doing social media if you are a busy person.

Earmark two hours per/week to settle down uninterrupted to write to your people (this is what I call blogging) you are writing for your people, they want to know what you know, and how what you know benefits them, write something with feeling and passion forget the keywords and SEO and write something about your industry that you feel strongly about.

Some clients ask me to help them with this, now sure, not everybody is a great writer, but regardless of what grades you left school with and if you can spell, or not, whatever is holding you back, you must be in business for a reason. When people ask me to help them get inspired I just ask them; why are you different from your competitors? Always an emotive issue with any company, then in most cases leads to a passionate conversation, at which point I tell the client to bottle that emotion into a blog.

Emotion is what sells and what makes people read period!

You should already have a separate blog site with a keyword rich domain, add your 50-700 word blog to the site add a cool image and a call to action pointing to your corporate site and publish. Once you have done this you publish to your Facebook page which is linked to Twitter, Facebook other pages and groups then post on Pinterest, Google plus, LinkedIn, not forgetting linkedin Groups, Stumble-upon, Digg, and Reddit. Rebel mouse is linked to Facebook so don’t worry about that. Just make sure you have a Rebel mouse account! All this activity puts your blog in front of a staggering 100 million people approx.

This whole process, once you get into the swing of things, will take you around 2 hours. Consistency is the key with anything in life, business is no exception one blog a week using the exact formula above, and you will start to see your keywords ranking higher on Google within 6 weeks half that if you can manage twice a week, Any more than three blogs a week isn’t going to launch you into the Search engines much quicker as it takes around 48 hours for a search engine robot to visit your site and track any new content anyway, so I am afraid it will take time.

If your competitors are higher than you on Google it’s very likely they are doing this kind of content marketing that you are not so it’s up to you,

 ‘Get busy trying or get busy dying’

There, now you know exactly how I do it, however it took me 7 years to glean a huge following on social media so my blogs do get seen by quite a few people, which makes a huge difference.

Now you may be at this point thinking I could outsource it all to a social media marketing company in Bangkok, remember what I said about what makes you different to your competitors, my USP is I am the only company I know of in Bangkok that teaches you everything I know, because social media is about YOU! Nobody can masquerade as you. The very point of social media is;

 It’s you being you sharing what you know with others! So I teach so you to be you!

If you have yet to set up your blog or your social media contact Netmedia Thailand we run a two day workshop where we set everything up with you and train you how to blog and grow your social media to the point where, like me, you receive around 5-8 hot new leads each month for your business!