The Acronym of success

I have one word which I believe is the most important word in success, it encompasses all the elements an entrepreneur would need to have, to be where he wants to be. See if you can work it out through an acronym:


To stand at the crossroads and say; ‘Well hey I am going to take the least walked on path, it will probably be painful, full of obstacles, people will laugh and ridicule me, and I will probably lose a shirt or two along the way, but the other path is just too predictable and leads to mediocrity.’ Will take massive amounts of commitment not to turn back, you will cry many times and make your family and friends cry along the way, so it’s not the path for the feint hearted, but the rewards are beyond your imagination!

Other People’s money

“I have no seed funding”

“I have no investment money”

Are just not excuses any more for not starting, everything in life started with a realisation, just a thought, ‘Thoughts become real things’

“The Empire state building was once just someone’s idea” James and the Giant peach by Roald Dahl.

There is unlimited funding out there for great ideas and business people create incubators for start-ups to get their ideas hatched in thriving environments which creates massive success rates for new businesses. Ask Richard Branson where he got his first bit of money to start his music empire! My Mum always said you have a mouth use it! Approach Angel Investors and tell them your ideas. There’s nothing worse than; in a few years time, you have to listen to someone else on a yacht in Barbados telling you how he put action and got investment in a similar idea a while back, and you did nothing!


You got to have the minimals if you want to be an entrepreneur, be ready to lose stuff to survive, sell off businesses, houses, family heirlooms and jewellery just to keep the wolves from the door, ask most entrepreneurs about the ‘feast and famine of success,’ yet when a true entrepreneur is about to lose their home, they will still smile as they know it’s a small cost on the way to a much bigger home!

Social Media Sharing

Yes my call to action is right in the middle of my post today, you don’t think in today’s business arena you can get there any quicker without using the most revolutionary form of mass media known to mankind did you? Get on a social media training course with the top people and multiply your success rate and get there faster!

Invest in yourself

The only reason you have a job right now is because the boss knows more than you, it’s your mission in life to trade your time for experience and get to learn what the boss knows. If the boss does not want to give you his knowledge, then find another way to increase your inner wealth and learn all you can about taking control of your financial destiny.

Kiyosaki extolls this virtue in all his books. If you are a sixteen year old hairdresser with no real qualifications, learn all you can to be a great hairdresser and dream about opening up a top salon one day. If you are a street sweeper, go to night school to learn new skills that can endear you to greater things. We all have unique skills, find out what they are by trial and error. The world is your Oyster!

The things you left school with are in no way whatsoever a precursor to what you can achieve!


Fake it till you make it,

Every successful person has been in so many situations where they have been surrounded by wealth they cannot afford, people they have no real right being with, that can often become quite embarrassing, yet until you learn to be comfortable in an un-comfort zone you are going to struggle to make the cut of taking control of your time and money! True entrepreneurs will tell you they are wealthy before they even start, it’s that belief that is the life blood of those that make it!


One of the things you need to invest in is your people skills and your Emotional quotient (EQ) because very few people ever make it on their own. You will need a team of great people around you with unique skills they all bring to the table. You will notice how much more improved your communication skills will be the more successful you become. There is a massive new science for you to learn in profiling and how to spot and utilise great profiles to create a synergy and teamwork for the wealth of all.

The key to success in anything is to help others find their success before you.

Elbow Grease

You don’t think it’s all about imagination did you? You think you can just laze on your couch and do what ‘The Secret’ movie says and dream everything into being did you? Nothing gets done without action, a dream without action is a day-dream and all you get for that is the teacher’s chalk duster bouncing of your head!

Sure the dream should inspire the subconscious action, but don’t take that for granted, The dream should make the toil easier to deal with, but anyone who is mentoring you and says the word ‘easy’ offhand needs a check-up from the neck up!

There is working hard and there is working smart but whatever you do you got to pull your finger out and get busy working, otherwise no amount of patience is going to be useful to you.

You reap what you sow simple as!


All this success don’t mean a damn thing if we are unwell to enjoy the fruits of our labour. We are what we eat, so if you are missing out on your five a day because you have no time and grab a quick burger every day, it will come back to bite you on your proverbial ass!

Find a nutritionist and try your best to keep a sense of your own well-being, at the very least take some nutritional supplements, your children will not thank you for ten million bucks and no parent to share it with!


Take them, that’s my advice take them all, well, have a look first, take measured risks, there will always be pain , but if the pain comes with a great life experience then it’s been well worth it. I can’t think of one millionaire who’s not been bankrupt at least once or had some major catastrophic failure to their CV. If I was the president of the world the first thing I would do is get rid of the world failure and replace it with learning!

“Sometimes we win sometimes we learn”


Last and not least the very essence of why we are doing what we do. Ask yourself why YOU are doing what YOU do? What’s your reason? Dream every day in colour for at least twenty minutes on your gaols and make them emotional goals otherwise it will take a lot longer to achieve them, if your goals are emotional then you will feel and science has proven the human body reacts to emotions on a subconscious level and directs us quicker and helps us find the way to what it is we want.

Did you find the word hidden in the blog?

Take the first letter from the title of each of the paragraphs above and tell me what the most important word is for anyone on the path to their goals?