Stop sounding like a Salesman (Sales Techniques)


As a salesman of twenty years and an online marketing Trainer of seven, these two careers melt into one. There is so much sales that go into your website. Yet like sales most people’s websites struggle because they sound too much like a salesman.

A MLM friend of mine recently used the feel, felt, found, technique on me, I pointed this out that sales people were using this technique 40 years ago and I was amazed how things haven’t changed! He is like a robot, well his up line have imputed so much drill into him, it’s hard to break out and be human again, well it is in MLM as you have to develop a very strong veneer to cope with all that rejection.

Another NLP trainer I caught him mirroring me at a networking event, he was shocked that I knew about this stuff, but I told him to Google NLP and there it all is in black and white.

This stuff is not secret anymore! Buyers and the general public can smell a technique a mile away.

Advertising people are struggling to trick us like they used to;

My 14 year old daughter sneers at Television adverts with busty models with perfect hair; I heard her comment the other day:

“Huh! Yeah babe, you and your plastic knockers and hair extensions!” Ha ha!

The very best salespeople, like the very best websites, are the ones who make it look so easy and fluid, it’s because they have a real interest in people and find out what it is people want, and then give them what they want.

Many years ago my Sales Manager, during the last day of a sales conference told us all:

“We are going to watch THE most important sales training video you will ever see today”

We were stunned when it started in black and white; there were guffaws from the back and shouts of:

“Is this as old as you are boss? ha ha”

Then the training Video started and it was

‘It’s a wonderful life’

Later, our boss explained; that he wanted us to unlearn every sales technique out of the book that we had learned the previous two days, and remember to always be you, and that people buy from people. No sale is ever made without trust, you can do the worst presentation ever however if you have developed the trust you will still get the sale!

Blogging is a way for you to endear yourself to people on the internet, and let people know the real you, this is why I advocate no-one can ever do your social media or blogging for you. The very essence of Internet marketing is that it is you and your friendlier side! The trust: the most important part of sales.

As a blogger of seven years and I sell my training through my blogs, I enjoy writing them and people seem to enjoy what I do. I hope people see the point in them as I am labouring to educate in each piece I write. I do not do cold calling as I believe every buyer is now well versed with all sales techniques and I don’t want to be the sales man I want to be a go to person!

In a recent workshop I ran I invited people to write a blog about their business and the results were very different, one pupil’s blog looked just like a flyer:

‘We create a Health a safety Plan for your business so that you don’t get in trouble with the police’.

I asked whether he thought his blog was a little on the negative side and whether his blog showed his character and evoked trust and he seemed to feel it did.

Another Pupil wrote about how to find the right materials for a polo shirt for work that does not stretch and is hard wearing.

I know which blog I’d rather read and which was more giving and was thinking about the client more than the business.

It is Funny how my seamstress friend now has a much more lucrative business than the Health and safety guy.

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