Step 1 Surrender to Life’s Process

Step 1 Surrender to Life’s Process

Step 1;     Surrender to Life’s Process

Immersed in pain?
Drowning in sadness?
Disconnected, lost, confused, angry, tired or overwhelmed?
How do you leap to joyful from this place of despair?
You Don’t! You don’t have access-

You have an emotional journey to traverse to get you from where you are to where you want to be and saying, “Beam me up Scotty” is not going to get you there- Neither will avoidance
or prolonging the inevitable.
Your Journey- To Do or Not To Do- is your choice.
Choice = Power
You are always Powerful.
Informed choice = Greater access to your own inexhaustible power.
Surrender purely means in its truest sense- Letting Go.

Letting go of the fight, letting go of the struggle, letting go of the pain, letting go of the anger, letting go of the frustration, letting go of the fear, in short letting go of what’s not working for you and keeping you limited in this life.

That is your first choice;
To Let Go or To Hold On?

Choose letting go and release yourself to your own unlimited being and then allow…
Allow the process of Release  (Real Ease) to begin.
All that does not serve you, all that does not empower you, all that constrains and pains you- release it all. This is non-attachment. Release your archaic ( though old they are not- just well used in your system of reality!)beliefs. Release your notions of being; your musts, your shoulds, your ‘to do’ lists, your agendas- even your bucket lists- let there be freedom to be.

You want to be- you desire to be- you hunger and ache with longing to be.
This is you.
This is your core.
Release = Freedom and once free then you can be as you intend to be.
Nothing comes before this.

This is your path. You were given your breath for this reality and it contains all you require for balance in this reality.
Balance, centredness, grounding, to be.

Once you are free to be you will know your joy as creator, intendor, pathfinder and avatar.
Breathe, Release, Be
Breathe, Release, Be

This freedom is your anchor for awareness. Without it you are awash in that sea of despair and mercilessly pounded by events that conspire to see you free to be.
Absolute freedom is your birthright.

You choose how you will be and all else flows and extends from that magnificent space.
Let your energy flow out freely before you to manifest, direct, inspire and connect so then it’s easy and effortless and joyfull in what to do.

You misperceive ‘how to do’ and think that’s your task- the how is not yours to determine – it’s an automatic extension of your energetic and magnetic extension of your desires and their fulfillment. You only need to ‘be’- that’s your asking and your ‘how’ will show up as your inspired doing.

How, when, where, what, who, you have all forced this hand to work hard, to get results, to force into being, to bash into place, to hammer home ‘how to’s’ up the gazoo!
No more! That’s slow, that’s hard, that’s limiting and not who you are.

Your being is your ultimate asking- your amplified affirmation- this is causation (The I am) for your action.

The what, who, how, why is then your apparent reality and experience.

This is the I AM Process in brief and is cyclical.

Am  (and you are with every thought- this is awareness, this is your asking, your attitude, your affirmation and powerfully your appreciation.)

Be ( and you are with every breath- use your breath effectively for balance and be-coming)

Cause ( your own creation albeit choice or crisis as culmination of every thought and breath, your only eternal truth is change. )

Do ! (your own actions that affirm your personal beliefs of fear or love.)

Be aware that action comes last in the process, no event or circumstance will ever determine you-  you are learning to consciously calibrate your being and align it with your absolute self.

This is authentic being and as you master Experience and your point of Focus, you Get and Have all that brings greater balance, security and stability in a world where there is none externally. This brings you to the I of your reality, the Integrity, the wholeness of you with your essence and that is FULL- filment.

If you know the alphabet, then you will recall easily this process and forever more will know that what you do is not the start of your life process…what you think is!

You are Free…

Sinchi  ‘Power to be’  Step 1- channelled by Rosie Pekar