Spotting a problem is a No-brainer…solving it requires leadership!

Spotting a problem is a No-brainer…solving it requires leadership!

Leadership is often confused with management; power over people is not power with the people.

Many people feel a disconnection between their meaning and purpose in life however failure in the pursuit of a worthy cause is the temporary price leaders pay for ultimate success. Leaders will fail more than others – Why? Because they try what’s not been done, they take more risks.

They know that solving problems as opposed to just identifying them requires the contributions of many, bit by bit, trial and error until a satisfactory result is arrived at.

They know that problem solving is not usually one grand answer, nor a successful life just one grand achievement, it is a continual process- I fondly call the ‘oops evolution’ for success.

In our business and corporate sector we often look to management to lead and then wonder why we are stuck going around in the same old circles, doing the same tiring dance with the same problems!

Many of our leaders are not to be found with a title, and are often unrecognized within the official hierarchy of an organization however all the members working within the ranks will know who it is that they will turn to for help.

As entrepreneurs we become leaders by default and are sought for advice and guidance in all manner of topics, from others seeking to leave a legacy. Leaving a personal inheritance for a lifetime that is dear to many of us, starts with a daily contribution.

It’s our everyday interactions with others that amass into a debit or credit account for our integrity balance.
Are your consistent actions in sync with your intentions?

I was recently asked to write about relationships and after my initial response of “What do you want to know – how to be divorced?”, as that’s what I have happily been; I realized that’s my gift and good fortune.- I have been able to accrue genuine friendships.

All my business acquaintances soon become friends; the buck does not stop with business. If I do not agree with a person’s ethics or way of being, why on earth would I want to be linked to them professionally? Ironic what some of us are willing to compromise or even risk for a dollar or two. What’s worse than monetary loss is when we are willing to expend our life energy on the pursuit of cash only…

A friend of mine works in a government role where he can be sent anywhere globally at a moments notice and is paid handsomely for this ‘inconvenience’. This same friend has not held a long term relationship for the last 3 years nor has time to spend with his children or the opportunity to make new friends.

No man is an island!  We are made to connect with people for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development and well-being. My friend assures me that at the conclusion of his contract he will have time for the ‘rest of his life’. Does his story sound familiar?

As a policewoman for over 8 years, I delivered far too many death messages. All countered with the same shocked disbelief. “It’s not possible, he/she was just going to…” All plans halted abruptly , life ceasing in an instant, the only constant remaining; memories of what ‘was’ not whatever was going to be!

As the seasons change, make time and invest in what you wish to experience more of in your life. If it is love, fun and friendships that ease the burden of loneliness that specific celebrated times of year can amplify…then put in the time now.  Money and a thriving business is cold comfort when there are not others to share the joy.

I wrote this at the end of several months abroad where I had the good fortune to meet extraordinary people at events in Bali, Singapore and Bangkok prior to being in the U.S.A and Dubai, all focused on their intention of making a difference for the better. I wish to express my gratitude to all those I met along the way that made my journey so much fun. (Thanks for all the chardonnay everyone!)

I have learned to lead by daring to fail, by exposing my life and my heart. I have made personal and business choices that have led me to where I happily sit today. On revising your decisions and choices upon close inspection, are you in sync and harmony with your personal vision and integrity? We are all leaders, yet:

Great leaders are not evaluated on the length at which they speak but on their ability to impact with their message.

Living an extraordinary life requires your own commitment of passion, earnest endeavor and pioneering spirit to dare to be more than you ever dreamed possible to be!

I wish you many shared blessings and magical moments this Life.
See you around Kicking But!


Biz-find author | Rosie Pekar

Biz-find author | Rosie Pekar