Somehow I told you so doesn’t quite say it! (A social media marketer’s rebuttal)

Somehow I told you so doesn’t quite say it! (A social media marketer’s rebuttal)

A social media marketer’s rebuttal

In business and in life, it always seems that the most successful people are the ones who either came up with a new idea and implemented it, or rode the wave of a new idea and adopted it before anyone else. There now appears to be a real anguish between the early adopters of social media and the rest of business who are now part of the:

‘Oh jeez we had better get something done now then.’

I still see Facebook business pages without the proper vanity URL. I still see many websites without any social media integration, it’s free to build your Facebook business page, and your Twitter, and if you don’t have the links on your web site it makes you look backward thinking and well…lazy.

The UK Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM) told their members at their Annual conference two years ago, that if you don’t start using and involving your business in Social Media your business will die! Strong words indeed, well 2 years left to decide then!

Here are some home truths that might just help you decide to call in a social media marketing agency:

Social media produces twice as many leads as Telemarketing, direct mail or PPC

Social media conversion rates are 13% higher than other forms of marketing

Over 20% of all business using social media say that because of conversions direct from the Internet they are spending more in the coming year

74% of all marketers say Facebook is vital for lead strategy

Most businesses that have over 1,000 targeted likes on their Facebook business page also have over 1,400 visits on the website each day

52% of all business using Facebook have found clients in 2013

By posting on Facebook, brands have found they can reach half of their reach within 30 minutes of posting

85% of fans of brands on Facebook recommend brands to others, compared to 60% of average users.

43% of Linkedin users say that using Linkedin produced a client already in 2013

Having 1,000 targeted Twitter followers generated around 800 new visits to the site each month!   (oooh so that’s the point of all those tweets)

9% more business are investing more in Social Media than in 2012

Around 45% of all people will search social media for advice, recommendations before making a purchase

Sources (Hub spot, syncapse.Nielsen)

So, what you going to do?

Continue to ignore blindly the truth, and carry on drinking with your old network?

“The best time to change and look at new things is when you are successful” Said the digital camera consultant to Kodak.

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