Singapore business leads

My quest is to get business people understanding;

What is a business lead?

If we could all standardize what a lead is, then business would be better around the world!

Search business leads on online search engines and you come up with many Telesales companies and database lists. Search the Dictionary and ‘lead’ has so many meanings, one such meaning was:

‘To guide in direction, course, action, opinion, etc.; bring:
You can lead her around to your point of view if you are persistent.

If you ever visited a BNI Networking event you will know they call leads; ‘customer referrals’ and they are the very basis of why Mr. Ivan Misner is a very wealthy man indeed, he started BNI (Business networking International) in the 1980’s and their success is based upon referring business leads to one another through each members outside network. They mostly start at 0630 in the morning, yeah not for everyone!

The very best phone call a business person can have is;

“Hi Joe, I have a company who wants you to call them, I told them you were the best and they need your services”

Now unless you are very rude and have no manners or you unknowingly cut off the owner of this business you were referred to on the way to work, flipped him the finger and gave him a mouthful of abuse from your car, then the chances of closing a referral of this sort is very high indeed as you have already been recommended by a friend.

If we could all get more of these business leads, we would all be a lot more profitable indeed as we have not spent any money to get this kind of referral. We should all have in our minds our customer acquisition costs as in what new customer costs us from R & D all the way to Sales closing and Invoices, then you will see how welcome a lead introduction can be to your business.

Spaghetti trail test:

A teacher friend of mine who teaches 6-10 year old school children, told me about a simple intelligence test they do to see how their children think; they give them what they call the spaghetti trail test, we have all tried these puzzles as kids where you have 3 or 4 starting points each has a jumbled line and you have to follow each line carefully as in crosses the other lines to see which one leads to the end point usually a treasure chest.

Biz-find line puzzle

Biz-find line puzzle

The children are asked ‘find the quickest way to get to the treasure’, the vast majority of the kids run their finger over each line one till they find the line that leads to the treasure, however one child in every 50 children on average will look at the teacher and just bypass the lines and go straight to the treasure. “We have to watch that one.” he told me!

The vast majority of people run their business the same hard way, Intelligent people are not lazy they just don’t see the point of doing lots of unnecessary work to get the same end result.

Give the people what they want:

A business tenet that holds true, if you can find a product and a service that fills a need and answers a problem, you can more or less write your own cheque. More so in this generation of: don’t wait, have it now!’ Have you ever noticed how the advertiser’s top buttons to push is the convenience button, if your product or service saves time then you are on to a winning solution.

Pursuit of happiness.

It all goes back to the Spaghetti trail and Entrepreneurs will tell you to concentrate on the end emotion of what your business does for people, tell them how, sure, and why, yes, but concentrate on how they will have more time, spend less money finding new clients, raise more cash flow and therefore less stress and in the end happiness, and who does not want happiness? It’s even in the US Constitution.

So here goes:

If you are struggling right now to find new clients who will be the future longevity of your business, and you just don’t have time it takes to do the traditional things we all have to do like; networking, golf, and online blogging and digital media; then try Biz-find:

We have for over 3 years created a business community through free business directories and free business marketing to business that list on our websites, so we can provide a further free service to our members which is to help them find suppliers for whatever they are sourcing right now.

Then we sell these vetted genuine B2B Leads to our website visitors and members. All you have to do is look for your category and see if we have anyone looking for what you sell, pay $20 and the decision makers name and phone number is yours. We often have a few business leads in each category. That is a Singapore business lead!

You can see our Biz-find leads on our more established Thailand site for now

Singapore business are imminent stay tuned