Why Sales people are not as popular as they think

Why Sales people are not as popular as they think

Whatever it is you want people to buy, you have to try and get old style ‘selling’ out of your head and create something people really need.

I sat with a friend recently, and he is with a huge M.L.M. company and it is always interesting to see what new skills his M.L.M. Corporation is teaching him, I was quite shocked to see that the ‘old school’ sales practices are still very much in use today.

 He was sharing with me;  the ‘three yess’s to a yes’ principle, as in; you say three things to get the prospects  agreements and get them nodding,  and, well it is perceived as a kind of N.L.P. trick to get the prospect  to agree with whatever comes out of your mouth on the fourth statement,  for example:

 This is a lovely coffee shop Bill, I can see why it’s your favourite, and it’s so nice to meet here

Bill agrees

Cappuccino same as me eh Bill, we need the wake up eh? (Rapport and agreement)

Bill Agrees

Glad to see you got the promotion you were aiming for Bill I bet the wife’s pleased?

Bill agrees

Today I am going to show you a new way to make more money, is it ok if I show you what I have found Bill? (confirmation and agreement).

Well by this juncture Bill is in ‘nodding and agreeing mode’, and will find it hard to say No!  Like a sinister game of Simon Says, yet all this hypnosis works.

‘Buyer’s remorse’ was a principle  I was taught when selling windows was to prevent the person seeing sense and realising he was actually duped after you have gone, and the nodding and agreeing spell had finally worn off, and he calls to cancel the order!

As a salesman for many years, I find this incredible; does the general public still fall for this? Do we have to resort to mind games to get people to buy from us, because the customer doesn’t know what’s good for them? Or is it because what we are selling needs stronger sales tactics because the product isn’t worth the price demanded?

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Is it any wonder sales people do not have the credibility they desire?

There are a too many MLM‘s selling berries from trees, which last time I looked were free, for $35 a bottle.

Oh sure the spiel is going to be amazing:  How the tribes who eat the berries of these trees, only found in a remote area of the Himalayas, sleep 1 hour a day, run 50 miles each day, make love 5 times a day for two hours each, and run a very profitable online business from their mud huts, all because of these berries, and they look 30 but really are 170 years old! So sure a bottle is worth $35 then!

Companies still have Marketing departments and Sales departments, and some still have R&D, well let’s imagine R&D come up with something so amazing like:

(Please sign my NDA before continuing to read!!!)

 A Toaster that butters the bread perfectly and even puts your exact amount of Jam/Marmalade/Peanut Butter/Honey on it that you require as it exits the toaster.

The R&D guy could look like Meatloaf dragged through a hedge with a Hangover, be as rude as a harassed Frenchman, and yet sell millions of the items and be rich overnight without sales and marketing, why? Because he invented a better mousetrap, and people want it, and regardless of how you look, and what manners you have, people will buy!

All too often I mentor companies and they find it a little annoying that I probe why they are doing what they do, because to me without the passion , they are not going to be able to sell an ice cream to a kid on a hot day! You only have the passion when you believe in what you are offering. If they only half believe in their product, then they will require the sinister tricks that sales people resort too when times get tough, or their product or service is not as good as it used to be!

Whatever it is you are selling, be honest with yourself ask yourself would you buy it? Would a person struggling buy it? Would they find the money somehow because they need it?

For over 20 years I asked the universe to provide for me in return for my wholehearted efforts, and to offer me independence of someone else’s decisions, and run my own profitable business, so I was sent, or went, whatever your view of divine intervention is; to countless seminars throughout my 30’S with MLM friends and learned a great deal about making money through helping others.

 I became a B2B salesman in the UK for ten years in my 40’s, then I started out on the Internet in 2000 and in 2006 started a web directory for businesses, everything conspired to lead to a point where until a year ago I wasn’t really 100% sure how all this was really going to get me the residual dream that MLM taught me, as in time and money both at the same time, before you are too old to enjoy it. Then last year it struck me! 

I needed to find something that; even a struggling start-up company would find the money for, because they need it, and that is business leads!

I had a eureka moment daydream (well I asked my late brothers and Mum to help me find a way) Well my UK site now has nearly 2,000 genuine member companies, and we receive over 30,000 visitors a month across our Biz-find sites, reading the blogs and viewing the business directory of UK companies, so up to that moment I created something, it was useful, but it wasn’t making much money and it was lacking that final oomph!

In my dream; I was in a room where all these people on my directory website and visitors alike were trying to network together.  I knew most of the listed companies so I jumped up on the stage and started shouting:

“This company here is looking for an accountant, can anyone help?” and a few accountants ran over to speak to them.

 “This business needs Office furniture” and the business was inundated with help, etc. etc. Eventually everyone in the room had found someone to sell to them, and that in turn this idea made everyone into a seller and a buyer at the same time!

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Then I though; Wow, why not get the listed businesses on my websites to tell me what they want to buy, sure being in a directory is good, and you get branding, S.E.O. back links, and maybe a few clicks, good but what if you could find a buyer for what you sell at the same time. Pretty good then eh? That’s what we do Business directory with sales leads.

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