Are you ready for a delicious life? (Law of attraction)

Are you ready for a delicious life? (Law of attraction)

Have you recently felt outrageous joy?

What if this was your quest; your sole purpose for being?

How much resistance from your own inner mental chatter is bombarding you at the mere entertainment of such a ludicrous and wild notion?

Can life really be about ‘following your bliss’?

Who would have thought that being incredibly happy & joyous was so much hard work- I mean who feels ecstatic constantly?. How about even overjoyed every other minute…No? How about every other hour…No?. How about once each day?…Whoa. Ok, what about each week…No! Hmm.

How much discord, annoyance or frustration clouds your day?

How much stress, boredom or sadness glooms your horizon?

All of this emotion is accumulative and on the down side, is magnetic to more of the same. Just as money flows, wellbeing flows…we are the ones that determine whether we allow the flow to reach us or we resist its presence in our lives. That flow is determined…or better yet…indicated by how we FEEL. Feeling bad is a strong indication that we are resisting our wellbeing and creating more of the same by being focused on the ‘lack’ we FEEL that we are currently experiencing.

I always think of a papercut as a great example of how many people respond to situations …its amazing how less than 1% of us can be in pain, yet at the time of difficulty where has our focus gone to? Not to the 99% that’s FEELING good…it is on the itsy bitsy teeny weeny bit that is not to our liking!

How true of life…how much time do we spend thinking and FEELING on all the small, minor details that irritate & annoy . How many moments of happiness are squandered on a poorer choice. To add to that madness of thought, whatever we focus on…grows.

Who has a daily dose of unbridled enthusiasm, passion and glorious triumph?

We all have desires and objects of attention however how does reflecting on those things make you FEEL? Is it excited, anticipatory, elated or dejected, frustrated or overwhelmed?

Your feelings are indicators of what you, as the magnet of experiences, are attracting more of into your life. You are constantly expanding; evolving, growing and your desires too will change, as will your feelings on the same topics

Imagine if you had the creative control over every life experience that you could possible encounter. Imagine if this was a valid ‘truth’ and not an ‘airy fairy’ notion…that you are in fact, the Producer, Director and Casting Agent in the greatest production of your life…in fact, it is your Life!

What if you knew that everything that is in your life right now is there because you asked for it…that you wanted it? (Now hold up there before that resistant part of your brain springs a leak in overdrive recanting all the stuff you have that you don’t want)

You are the magnet –Like attracts Like.

I couldn’t possibly overstate this Universal Law of Flow enough.

Through understanding and applying this, we come to know that all things we desire can come easily and swiftly into our experiences.

Your attention must be on what you WANT, not on the lack of what you want!

Its not rocket science, the better you FEEL, the better things get.

Now is the time to invest in what makes you FEEL good and in the process you will make others feel good…who in turn will feel good and then make others feel good. Get the picture! Focus on your blessings, they are there to be found and give no more attention to that minor % that is not to your liking.

Whatever you give your attention to GROWS so find more ways to feel good and accept no copouts, excuses or BUTs to your future joy and greatness!

Much Love


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