Pssst – The Secret is out!

Pssst – The Secret is out!

Pssst – The Secret’s out!

Everyone was talking about the Secret and it just about closed down the switchboard at Oprah after its first viewing. What was all the excitement about? For many it was the first time they had an explanation and description that validated that they were in fact the directors of their own destiny and that all anyone need do in order to get whatever they wanted was to ASK!

Now why is it that there was such a backlash within segments of the American community and media, and why did some people get so caught up and come crashing down into a reality that they would rather have avoided? Especially when all they had to do was ASK! I believe it was the lack of foundation in the process of this very simple concept of ‘how to ask’.

First of, I agree with the concepts expressed in the Secret, that we are in fact directors of our lives and experiences and most entrepreneurs will readily acknowledge this belief as we are commonly pioneers, at the forefront of new concepts, ideas and often are recognised as thought leaders ourselves. I believe that experience teaches us “How to Ask” a better question. Those that have directly contacted me that have difficulty in asking for what they want have had several similar challenges as listed below.

You must know what YOU want. I’ll assume that’s a given it’s the rest of the ‘asking’ process that seems to create problems. If we understand the concept that the Universe, God, Allah, Energy, All that is, etc (*insert your term for belief), recognizes your attention as your intention you might be more selective of what you give your attention to!

You give your attention (ask) in 3 specific ways and I have called this R.O.I and is a form of Return on Investment on your mental energy.

R= REMEMBER…this is when we replay any scene, event or incident together with all the emotions at the time…we may even amp up the emotions all for dramatic effect. Makes no difference if the event occurred one moment, two days or ten years ago, it is all re-lived in the present and hence re-experienced. All men and women walking the planet know this one well, how often did we get the blame for an ‘ex’s misdeeds?

O = OBSERVATION … this is when we are in the moment and our thoughts are taken up by the multitudes of events, stimuli and experiences that are constantly clamoring for our attention, again accompanied by a myriad of emotions…Woohoo got that contract…Boohoo lost that contract.

I= IMAGINATION… this is our reality blueprint playhouse. We can envision absolutely any event, person, place or thing in any sequence with any result that we desire and it makes no difference if the imagining is relating to anything from the past, present or future. Even better we create (ask) from all these states equally…so why invest time, effort, emotion into remembering or observing any thing that makes you feel bad when you can give your attention to this realm of imagination.

Your attention on any given thing, person or state of reality is what is determined as your intention (ask) to have the thing, person or reality irrespective of whether you WANT it or not! Our minds are inclusive in creation…giving your attention to what you do not want, includes it…it does not exclude it.

Many people awaken to the importance of their attention and feeling states at significant turning points in their lives. They can be times of trauma, stress or impending or actual loss, and it is from this point that a decision is made. The ability to make a decision is magnetic. The attraction factor comes from the focusing on it, by living that decision and being personally responsible.

Discover that no-one is going to change except you.

Decide to let go of the Past. (permanently)

Determine who you are going to be.

Choose what great things you are going to do and commit to them with your attention… and you can always tell where your attention is at in any given moment by how you FEEL. Feel bad then dial down the drama and amp up the appreciation. This part will take most of your practice- that’s why you have a whole lifetime to get it right…then again, maybe you just have NOW!


Rosie Pekar

Biz-find author | Rosie Pekar

Biz-find author | Rosie Pekar