Not a moment to spare?…Spare a moment for your heart!

Not a moment to spare?…Spare a moment for your heart!

Moment to spare? Don;t speed read this article it may save your life!:

Did you know that not everyone is designed to be an Entrepreneur? Just like not everyone is supposed to be a literary genius, a financial whiz, or internet guru, or a super salesperson, or a manifesting magician…although as an entrepreneur you thought you were doing your best to be all of the above to all people at all times and in all situations. Phew!

I think that some of us have been misguidedly led to believe that in order to succeed we MUST be great at all things, or at the very least TRYING to be great. There is some truth there as some of us get very trying indeed!  I concede that I am a little slower in this department as some of you may be too and find myself running on the same false program that “I must DO all things in order to thrive in business and life.”

Wow…how do we manage to run so far off the rails before we realise that there is no track?

Is it so amazing then that burnout and overwhelmingness are topping the charts for personal dissatisfaction in the workplace not to mention is consuming more of our time, energy and satisfaction?

Having spent quite a considerable time instructing and working with injured people to get them back into the workplace, I have a fairly entrenched mindset that it is so much SIMPLER to prevent breakdown, be it mental, physical or emotional before it happens than to attempt to treat or repair after the fact.

Our healthcare systems within the western world are overburdened and overwhelmed reflective of our current life ethos and mantra…”busy, busy, busy.” Don’t worry, as I write I am aware that I need to take heed of my own words as much as anyone else. They often say that we teach best, that which we are meant to learn! I have always been the miss ‘fix it’ or if it ‘aint broke’ then the ‘let’s improve it’ strategist in order to get results. Yep, busy, busy, busy.

Let me share with you an insight into being busy gleaned from the Chinese word for busy which is composed of two characters; interestingly one is the heart- the other is killing. Very simply said!

We lead very busy lives, we all try to rush, hurry and meet our deadlines, as we subscribe to the belief that being productive = being valuable. Gandhi said, “There is more to life than increasing it’s speed”, however the way many of us choose to spend our waking moments we might be stunned to realise that all our constant trying to get this or that done actually kills of something vital in ourselves.

When we inject into our work intolerance, haste and impatience, ever eager to shave off more time from any experience, we lose the capacity to have and appreciate many moments of patience, peace and joy. What a cost for frantic productivity or a perception of accomplishment!

I have become a believer of efficiency of effort through utilizing our optimal operating energy systems . The first one always evident and easily accessed by asking, “How do I feel?” Do not underrate the power of a simple question. An honest answer will reveal if you are busy killing off vital aspects of yourself for success and life.

Historically the evidence is there… Shakespeare knew it, “All things have a season.” Timing is often ascribed as the essential element to the success or lucrativeness of many deals. How will you know the season or timing when you’re too busy, busy, busy?

If you feel your season has been and gone or that your timing is a tad askew, take heart; STAR WARS was rejected by every movie studio in Hollywood before 20th Century Fox finally produced it. It went on to be one of the largest grossing movies in film history.

Together with National Book Award winning Author of “Steps”, Jerry Kosinski ,who allowed another writer to change his name and title of the book and resubmit the manuscript of the novel to 13 agents and 14 publishers. Strangely they all rejected it including Random House who had already published it 8 years earlier.

Just goes to show that timing is everything; so be sure that you’re not too busy to notice yours!

Rosie Pekar