Life long learning (A foundation for Success)

Life long learning (A foundation for Success)

We are so proud to announce a new Biz-find writer to join our flock and become a regular writer for us Rosie is an international author and motivational speaker and a lovely lady to boot here’s her debut article:

Life long learning (A foundation for Success)

What is it about getting older that so many of us lose the enthusiasm and vigour of youth? Our energy to new approaches is tarnished with blemished past views of failures, losses or worse than anticipated results.

How can we transform this ‘barely working’ energy into successful business’ and passionate people and services?

It is simple though requires disciplined and consistent application. It is in the way we embrace learning and self development that makes all the difference.

There is a saying, “stay green and grow…cause when your ripe, you rot!”

There are outmoded patterns and behaviours both personally and professionally that may have served us in life at a different phase of growth. Those same actions may now be limiting our opportunity to grow and ‘think outside the square’, restricting us to only life as we know it. These restrictive actions are simple to identify with our language patterns, easily diagnosed wherever you hear the almighty disclaimer ‘but’!

My own father was a tremendous example of lifelong learning; he dearly and preciously adhered to all he read in books or heard on the radio, often touting them as the guru’s not to be questioned. This was a 1950’s eastern block new migrant to Australia’s approach to success. We often went head to head in verbal debates of the old way versus the new. My persistence often won out, as I never let his facts or ‘guru’s statements get in the way of expanding a point of view and dad’s defeat was often evident in his exasperated words, “You always have to have the last word, Rosemary!”

Well consider then his conflict when I was the media personality, listened to weekly on radio, as well as published author, not to mention varied articles in both local and international magazines. To him, this now meant, according to his old beliefs that I was the expert and therefore all I said deemed ‘gospel’. Yet this was his ‘wet behind the ears’ daughter; what could he possibly hope to learn from one so young and inexperienced.

It turns out a lot! I had the blessing of watching my elderly father transform his living conditions; he went from mental anguish, depression and angst to serenity, peace and good humour.

He chose to adopt a new mindset of salvaging something positive from every perceived setback.

He also chose to only fight the battles that were his; not those handed down from generation to generation, or from spouses, lovers, business partners, etc.

And to clearly identify what it is that he could change and what he absolutely could not and therefore chose to conserve emotional energy and change his viewpoint instead. As he often said,

“if something upsets you Rosie…you just don’t think about it.”

How true! The greatest gift we give ourselves in this life, in love, in business, is the head-start that we give ourselves; our self-talk that determines our ability to willingly and openly accept the new whilst gratefully releasing the old.

How many of us beat ourselves up over what we must move on from or else view regrettably as losses instead of its reason for ‘being’ completed.
We are a world of rapid change; the last 50 years has surpassed technologically the previous 2000. We are collectively on a rapid escalation of personal and business growth. Those that can willingly acknowledge and work within these conditions will thrive and prosper.

Adaptability is key to sustainability!

Those that wish to remain static, not grow and expand personally and professionally will find themselves left behind by those that are able to! Now is a fabulous time to learn more about you, what drives you, inspires you, terrifies you, challenges or limits you.

It is armed with this knowledge that you have the power of choice to make a difference. A difference not just in your own life; in the countless thousand’s that you will also interact or impact upon by your living example.

Lifelong learning is not just about academic achievements and qualifications, as Kerry Packer himself said, “I was academically stupid” and the man was worth billions when he died. It is about growing into the real you…and releasing the smaller, limited fearful version. It is about being powerful and passionate and experiencing life as new; as magical, invigorating and incredible as it truly is!

Rosie Pekar

Biz-find articles | Law of attraction

Biz-find articles | Law of attraction

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