How safe is cash?

Q) What is the preferred currency of hardcore criminals?

A) Cash of course. Good old American printed Lincolns and Washington’s backed up by the Federal reserve

You do not need to prove who you are to have a 100 dollar bill in your pocket and a beaten man or mugged lady lying in the road behind you.

The world is going through a revolution, and people are starting to ask questions of the banking system that has been trusted for generations. Like Doctors, who could have given you arsenic as a child in the 50’s and you would have thanked him for it.

Now sadly the Medical profession, like your banker, has lost a lot of respect, and through knowledge and many people self-diagnose with so many who are now rejecting the medicines we are given because we know now, there is a massive profitable industry behind it, and choosing organic and more natural remedies.

Through knowledge the common man is finding ways to bypass the big banks.

The crash of many so called so called ‘never die’ banking institutions in 2008 like Lehman’s made people realise that banks are not as safe as they once were, and many of their practices came to light that showed them to be very untrustworthy indeed.

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fat cat bankers

It was only recently that I decided to do some research thanks to the internet and found out about the Federal Reserve is actually a private bank run by some very rich people. And I thought; ‘silly Americans,’ only then to realise that the Bank of England is the same, as is so many other banking systems around the word, and it’s funny that whichever world leader rejects their way seems to be vilified and often disposed of very unceremoniously.

Q) What is a dollar worth?
A) What they say it is

Back in the sixties each dollar bill meant you had a bit of gold in the bank, and then Nixon stopped all that. Now however, the Fed Banks control what a dollar is worth, and they do swing it to suit them mostly.

Inflation is a way to effectively steal the wealth of you and me and for the masses to not even realise it. Inflation is printing more money to lend to more people, and it’s all based on nothing of any value. 1000 US dollars in 1913 could buy 2 automobiles, today perhaps a set of re-treads for a car.

Evening trading was recently highlighted to show how banks gamble your money when they shut the doors each night and expose your money to a certain level of risk that most would find unpalatable if they really knew.

Crypto-currencies on the other had are not centralized, and are managed by block chain technology. Which basically means it is technology led and through technology, we are taking away an element of greed and power, which when you look at it is the cause of all problems for humanity.

What is block chain?

Block chain technology started off as a way to manage transactions and keep them safe; however it is now being looked at for many applications. The anonymity of the way it is managed lends itself to many newer fairer and undisputed ways to manage things like ballots and say; Examinations.

Miners are people who manage the block chain, tech people mostly, with their own servers, who answer mathematical solutions. Each transaction on a block chain will have a number of mathematical questions that all have the same answer. Who the people are who are creating the transactions, the miners do not know, all they know is their earn coins when they solve an equation, when enough random people have solved the equation, and they all add up to the same totals, the transaction is then added to a public ledger. This is generally done in minutes.

The World Economic Forum seems to rate Block chain technology as No 3 in their top ten emerging Technologies:


The advantages of Crypto-Currency over straight cash

Much faster and cheaper money across the globe.

Because of decentralization, crypto-currency is not tied into public sentiments and politics.

A genuine kid from Nigeria who wants to do well and go to college to better his life can have money sent to him for his education, without it being held up because the Federal Reserve has blocked sending money to Nigeria because they are punishing the majority based on a few unscrupulous politicians and scammers.

Bit coins transaction time is around 10 minutes, and newer Cyrpto-currencies say even that is too long, and as it is anonymous, it is not tied to any human emotions.


If you run a startup or small business, you know how banks can destroy your week, by holding up cash say sent on a weekend, working days? I am sorry but in 2016 everyday is a working day!

The current banking system of sending cash around the globe is so archaic as it has to pass through many hands and they all take a bite out of your money along the way.

Charges made on Crypto-Currency is minuscule if anything at all.

The only way is up

Cyrpto-currencies have gone up and up since the start of Bitcoin, they fall at some points, like any investment, but over the period they have increased significantly. fiat currency on the other hand; Dollars, Pounds, Euros yen etc. run by the banks, have always gone down in value.

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crypto currency on leads4biz


Some Crypto-currencies are now creating a K.Y.C. (Know your customer) profile, so as to make sure the cash is not going to unscrupulous people, this way of doing things targets individuals who are guilty, rather than strangle whole communities or even countries for the sake of a few bad apples.

I’d rather keep my dollars thank you

Every new technology and any innovation is met with skepticism and criticism, and the early pioneers who adopt and ignore warnings are the ones who have big houses and a fantastic life and are told they are lucky when they make it.

Absolutely! Bit coin is now accepted in many places and many new merchants are getting in on crypto-currency every day which opens them up to many more customers. .

Many new Crypto-currencies are now following Bitcoin’s pioneering efforts and are in their startup period before they are listed and therein is the opportunity for people to make huge profits.


Like any investment, and even High Street banks there is a risk, but to me it’s a risk well worth taking.

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leads4biz private equity

I once watched America’s dumbest criminals and guffawed at the man who tried to rob a convenience store with duct tape wrapped around his head, I thought that is going to hurt to take off, not only that; he was unable to breathe as he made no holes for his mouth and the lady cashier had no idea what he was saying either, and she only realised it was a raid, when she saw a weapon. It was easy for her to disarm the man as he made no holes for his eyes either and could not see a damn thing. Added to his insult to his one brain cell, was the fact the cashier reported there was only 14 U.S.D. in the till at the time. He served 5 years. Was it worth it?

What’s your risk temperament? Would your life be over if you lost 500 Euros? But what if you could make 20 Million Euros? As was the case with Bitcoin who debuted in 2008 at 1c and your 500 Euros was worth 12 million Euros in 2014, worth the risk then?

Contact me for more information regarding crypto-currency and how to start for as little as 25 Euros.

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Investment consultants on Leads4biz