How Leads4biz can reduce your carbon footprint.

How Leads4biz can reduce your carbon footprint.

We all must be ecologically awake these days, the Earth is changing at an alarming rate, Ice ages or not, we at Leads4biz love our Earth and the flora and fauna we share it with.

So proudly we would like to remind our visitors and listed members alike how we are are carbon neutral and how our services provide a way for members to reduce their carbon footprint.

We are purely a Digital Advertising Directory. We do not drive to work or back again, our only ‘take’ as it were from the Earth is the power for a couple of laptops and a server in Texas USA but enough about us and our minute footprint, let’s talk about how we can save the planet together.

Forget the expos

Why do so many businesses attend expos? It seems to me such a 1980-2000’ business staple. I have wondered around many expos to see who is there, and many seem to be bored just chatting with the other exhibitors, oh sure games and Comicon where nerds can interact with their imaginary heroes is all great, but are they as profitable as they once were?

Me, I am not so sure, and the carbon fallout from this activity is immense, the lorries transporting big exhibition stands, the huge electricity bills from the massive halls and the cars people use to get there, is to me an environmental disaster when you calculate the direct business that is done at these events.

are expos doomed?
Are expos still profitable?

The cost of having a stand at a major expo is dramatic, and enough to induce cardiac palpitations for any Chief Financial Officer. When the result of such an activity is to find new leads and potential customers.

When we at Leads4biz can just send you a warm qualified lead direct to you, no stands, no trucks, no fuel, no huge convention hall and massive electrical output.

Forget the Air Miles

When I was a rep in the 1990’s it was a great time of bonuses and expense accounts, I drove 30,000 miles a year to see clients, over half of whom I had to visit a few times. We fitted out our kitchen with Earthenware from the petrol stamps the gas stations supplied me for my loyalty.

Now that leads4biz can supply you with a warm qualified lead that you only have to visit once to sign the deal or maybe you can just do a zoom meet, this is 2021 after all!

Sorry Sales Reps the days of the 3-liter German auto are all but dead. A Polar Bear somewhere thanks us!

Did you have to drive?

Networks are all online

A massive change happened in Business in 2020 unless you were hiding under a rock and we all had to learn to improve working from a desk, instead of coffee shops for meetings and Hotel rooms for networking events.  Remember having to traipse all the way across town at 6 PM after a full shift to go eat curled up sandwiches at the Holiday Inn to meet 20 people who you could not do business with a 3 that were potentials?  or driving deserted roads at 5.30 AM to get to a breakfast club to meet the same people week in week out?

Whether you travel there by public transport or by car or motorbike you stole a few centimeters of ice of the ice caps and some penguins home, also by attending such events rising the oceans and putting every single port on earth in jeopardy, yeah you only ever think about yourself eh!

Why even do networking online? when you only attend events to meet potential clients and spend a lot of time nurturing relationships, which is all well and good if you have months spare, when leads4biz provides you with a direct client who wants to buy what you sell right now, has the decision-making authority and cash in hand to seal the deal. Saving you the travel and related emissions and or the time online making small talk!

Forget the plastic Starbucks cup?

How did the coffee brands make walking around with a plastic cup look cool?

Don’t know any of them?

Oceans International who have been raising awareness about plastic consumption since 2016 estimates that the world produces 300 million tons of plastic a year. In addition, half of this plastic is single use, meaning it’s dumped into landfills or oceans merely a few minutes after use. Such consumption has made a negative impact on the environment, and one that will take decades or centuries to reverse.

Although remote work may not directly alter that number, it again affords the opportunity to lessen the impact of plastic usage or eliminate it as much as possible. As a remote worker, you can do your part by cutting the use of plastics you normally use in an office setting:

  • Brewing coffee at home can reduce the usage of plastic lids
  • Using products like Carbonation machines can eliminate the use of plastic soda bottles
  • Cooking at home may seem like a hassle, but it can cut the use of plastics used by food delivery services, not to mention bringing families back to the table!
  • Drinking water out of the tap or through a filter can prevent the continuous consumption of single-use water bottles

Again, the environmental benefits of remote work and direct leads aren’t just a product of working from home. It’s the opportunity that’s the crucial aspect, giving you every chance to contribute to a healthier tomorrow for the planet.

So, there you have it not only are we saving our fragile ecology, but we save you money and time by sending you buyers direct so you can do the really wonderful things in life, whilst you still can.