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The Shift: Many of us know or intuitively feel that there is a massive restructuring of the world  around us going on, but few of us have sufficient information to make sense of these feelings. 

There is a grand Shift that is happening, and it is affecting every aspect of life on this planet. Our  political, social, and economic structures, the environment, institutions, wars, how we view our  relationships and our work, the wiring of our physical and emotional bodies, our beliefs, our  perceptions of good and bad, right and wrong and much more are all changing. 

One area of the rapid change that we are experiencing is in the radical advancement of  technologies of all kinds such as exotic materials, artificial intelligence, quantum physics, new  ways to understand and use energy, manipulation of biology, nanotechnology, additive  production, advanced robotics, global information networks, etc. 

The level of technological power we are acquiring as a species, in the blink of an eye on an  evolutionary scale, is astounding in its potential for both beneficial and detrimental impact.  

At the planetary level, a major change that is occurring is the weakening of the Earth’s  magnetic fields. As the Earth’s magnetic fields change, the magnetic fields, cycles and rhythms  within our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies are also being altered.  

A few examples of how this Shift is affecting us:  

• Much of humanity appears to be experiencing an “awakening,” and a shift in how we  perceive and interact with the world around us. 

• Consumer behavior has rapidly evolved, favoring companies that make a positive  impact through focus on social mission, purpose, ethics, environment, etc. Consumers  have come to trust smaller brands over larger brands, follow influencers, value  authenticity, shop online, etc. 

• Spiritual development in many places has become more individual and more inclusive  by incorporating many traditions, beliefs, and practices. Less participation in organized  religion.  

Much of what we have relied on, our governments, religions, legacy media sources, big  companies, business driven solely by profitability, etc. seems to be destabilizing and dissolving. 

Many people are not aware of the precise nature of the changes they are experiencing, but  nearly everyone is noticing the effects of this grand Shift in how the world around us functions. 

This Shift is both naturally arising at this time and is critically needed for the “human experiment”  to succeed. The Shift is occurring within the hearts of all of humanity and is taking place across  the world in every town and village.  

We are at a critical inflection point: a moment in history where it’s time to stop trying to fix the  old model and instead make the leap to the next one. It must be better suited to the  complexity and challenges of our times, and to the yearning in our hearts.

The Importance of Worldview: Our worldview directly shapes our beliefs, and in turn our  beliefs form the foundation of the values upon which we make choices and act in our lives. Our  collective worldview defines our society as a whole, the kinds of technologies and systems we  create, and how we relate to each other, nature, Earth and all life. 

This is why we begin our journey with the Transcendent World Impact Fund at the most  comprehensive perspective possible: our emerging worldview.  

As we can see across the primary areas of human society and natural systems, everything  seems to be breaking down and changing. Could this be the result of a disconnected  worldview that has been driving our evolutionary path leading inevitably to crisis? 

Today, the predominant worldview driving our society on a global scale is the scientific  perspective. It is clear that this current worldview is not guiding us where we want to go.  

Due to rapidly emerging global corporate, financial, governmental, media and technology  systems, the dangers that this current worldview pose are now eminent and critical.  

As a global civilization we are presently suffering from a detrimental value system disorder that  allows us to condone such acts as covert and overt structural violence, discrimination, social  stratification, inequity in resource distribution, and environmental destruction leading to ever  increasing ecocide.  

It is essential that we understand the assumptions we’ve made in our scientific worldview and  the values and beliefs that come from them that led us to this current situation.  

The currently dominant worldview in science can be characterized as: 

• The universe and all the material objects within it behave like a machine. 

• The analysis of this machine is through the successive reduction of its components into  smaller and smaller parts. 

• The process of organization within the universe is solely through random events and  interactions. 

• The direction of evolving systems is always towards decreasing order and dissolution. • Objects are separated by empty space and are therefore inherently disconnected. 

When our worldview is inaccurate and or incomplete relative to observable reality, this  produces beliefs that are erroneous, resulting in the creation of a value system that is out of  alignment with the actual principles and dynamics of the natural world. Wrong values lead to  bad decisions, and this is what has driven our cultural development to focus on separation,  aggression, and domination. 

It is also essential to understand the emerging scientific worldview that provides a foundation  upon which to shift our personal and cultural values and beliefs to be more aligned and  harmonize with the natural world. 

The emerging worldview in science can be characterized as: 

• The universe at all matter and energy it comprises behave as a unified whole system.

• Analysis is through understanding the fundamental patterns of wholeness that are  synergistically expressed in fractal repetition at all scales. 

• The process of organization includes inherent feedback that exhibit an ever-evolving reflexive intelligence throughout the entire micro to macrocosmic system. 

• The space between objects is full of a vast energy potential that seamlessly connects all  things into a living universe. 

Can we embrace an alternative worldview that allows us to alleviate these crises and establish  more balanced and harmonious relationships with each other and how we navigate living on  this Earth? 

The TWIF Worldview: As it pertains to the Transcendent World Impact Fund, our worldview  includes the following premises: 

• The solutions to today’s large problems will come from the next generation of high impact business leaders rather than nations and politicians. 

• A major driver in whether tomorrow’s businesses will be successful is the degree to which  companies align with how consumers are changing. Conscious consumers require a  more conscious form of capitalism. 

• The size of our collective problems, and the opportunity for large financial returns by  solving them ethically and sustainably has never been greater. 

• The key to large returns on investment in this next cycle is in the coaching and training of  portfolio companies in transcendent leadership principles and in the development of  transcendent company cultures that embrace individual’s deepest yearnings for  personal connection, purpose, and positive impact. 

The collective consciousness of humanity and its business practices are rapidly evolving. We  have an incredible opportunity to change the way we do things for the better. How we think,  how we solve problems, and how we conduct business. 

The Transcendent World Impact Fund is designed to both take advantage of and foster this  global Shift that is already well underway by focusing on companies and solutions that make  world-level positive impact.  

Evolved Business: Many people sense that the way organizations are run today has been  stretched to its limits. In survey after survey, businesspeople make it clear that in their view,  companies are places of dread and drudgery, not passion or purpose. 

Our dominant and disconnected worldview has led to wide-spread organizational  disillusionment.  

Behind a facade of success, many top leaders are tired of the power games and infighting;  despite their desperately overloaded schedules, they feel a vague sense of emptiness.  

TWIF believes that making connectedness, purpose, and positive impact the cornerstones of an  organization have profound consequences for its success. 

We believe that humanity is at a threshold, and that a new form of organization is emerging into  public view. 

How can we form evolved organizations where everyone most powerfully pursues a common  purpose to achieve world-level positive impact? 

To this end, TWIF utilizes the well-honed methodologies of its partner company WarriorSage to  help teams gain clarity on their collective vision, mission, and goals, and create a detailed road  map to achieving them with full buy-in from top to bottom.  

This foundation is built-upon with best practices in leadership, communications, strategic  planning, and the development of measurable KPIs that brings teams into alignment, cohesion,  and comradery. The results have been extraordinary.  

It is clear that we can create radically more productive, soulful, and purposeful businesses that  achieve greater success more quickly. 

How Do We Manage and Deploy Our Wealth?: The Transcendent World Impact Fund caters  to investors who recognize the grand Shift that is underway globally, and the need to respond  with more evolved forms of business to solve today’s large problems. 

As investors, we recognize that ROI is the fundamental driver of long-term sustainability in business.  Thus, careful and detailed analysis and diligence are required before deploying capital into  promising and productive businesses whose team, mission and vision are aligned with the  emerging worldview that is more harmonious and in tune with the natural world. 

Extensive coaching and training of these companies in transcendent leadership principles and  cultural practices that maximize the productivity and creativity of their workforces drives ROI  dramatically. 

While ROI is important and foundational, our investors also wish to fulfill their personal legacies by  achieving lasting positive impact on the world. TWIF’s focus on solving large problems and world level positive impact is built specifically for achieving this need for legacy fulfillment. 

The Transcendent World Impact fund exists to enlighten, unify, and mobilize wealth for the greater  good. 

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