Transcendent World Impact Fund (TWIF)


Who We Are: A cohesive and successful team of long-time investors, investment bankers, serial entrepreneurs, corporate advisors, and corporate trainers who seek too foster highly profitable and ethical companies whose missions / products /

solutions make world level positive impact.

Purpose: The TWIF has been formed as a venture capital fund to fund, develop, and scale solutions to humanity’s problems with world level positive impact that serve and contribute to the greater good. (NOT an ESG fund).

Opportunity & Landscape: We believe solutions to today’s large problems will come from the next generation of high impact business leaders rather than nations and politicians. Our goal is to identify, fund and support the development of

their management teams and companies to scale quickly and profitably to reach world level impact. The size of our collective problems, and the opportunity for large financial returns by solving them ethically and sustainably

has never been greater. The collective consciousness of humanity and its politics and business practices are all evolving.

The Transcendent World Impact Fund is designed to both take advantage of and foster this global shift that is already well


Critical Differentiators & Advantages: Business success is predicated on great leadership, cohesive team dynamics,

sufficient funding, and right timing.

Most VC firms provide funding and occasionally get the timing right. Very few provide the necessary support, mentorship,

and development of leadership skills, team dynamics, and company culture to ensure the success of their portfolio

companies. This is where TWIF excels.

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● Developing Transcendent Leadership Teams: Our portfolio companies will receive deep multi-year coaching and mentorship through WarriorSage that aligns purpose driven CEOs and their leadership teams with each other and with the business’s highest vison and mission. ● Leadership skills are upgraded to achieve team synergy, collaboration, and esprit-de-corps by dissolving the obvious and hidden frictions that affect team cohesion. ● The result is potent performance, dramatically improved odds of success, faster scaling, higher valuations, and maximum impact. ● WarriorSage has transformed the lives and businesses of over 100,000 CEOs, executive team members, students and world leaders internationally to create quantum shifts in organizational effectiveness through private and group coaching and mentorship.
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