Having a baby (are we lucky?)

Having just entered my third round of fatherhood I have started to hear many people say to me that babies are lucky, apart from the obvious blessings that a new life brings and the joy of being a parent that so many can struggle with,

I began to look at the implications that a new family member brings to a person’s business, and are they lucky this way.

I can only really discuss a man’s side as a woman’s responsibility carrying a baby and running a business will be alien to me obviously.

Things changed for me dramatically, and for the better, the moment I saw the pregnancy kit and the two strong blue lines that are forever engraved on my mind, and any man that says they didn’t feel some anxiety mixed in with the euphoria, is less than human. but as far as my professional life goes :

I got luckier.

I started to see more people who were influential for my business, I started getting more orders until the point where we are now at 7 months pregnant we have an apartment twice the size of where we were and twice the income, luck? Maybe!

I have been around this old world 50 years I began to question luck.

The fact that a baby is lucky financially, I think is more down to the sudden change of tempo in the main breadwinners psychology that brings about the needed extra influx of momentum to maintain ones growing family.

I don’t believe it’s just me; I believe this indoctrination has been passed down generations, Grandmothers to be, telling their children; “oh a baby will bring you luck don’t worry,” is really meaning; this baby will make you work harder, whether you want to or not, and will help you see the way clearer to get what you need.

Motivation is the key denominating factor between anyone’s success and failure.

I have read umpteen scores of book in the last thirty years, everything from Carnegie to Robbins, and yet I had all the ability but not too much of the success, and I feel that I echo many a man’s concerns when all the books and knowledge are not bringing you closer to a better life.

Sometimes your own motivation is hard to find.

We live in a world where we take care of our young, and try to show them the way, but we can only show them what we have, and how to have what we have, to follow in our footsteps, great for being a model citizen, but how can we find what floats ones boat, what lights you up, what makes the pain irrelevant?

Comfort Zone

I was once asked how I deal with stress; I replied “is that good stress or bad stress?”

Growing muscle is all about good stress, no pain no gain, there has to be burning of the muscle to trigger growth and for nature to recognise that the current muscle is not enough, so it needs to grow to get to the point where the exercise can be completed without stress.

Many of us are consciously unconscious that we are in a comfort zone where we plod along with no stress, and we are getting by, this is ok if you don’t wish for more and who doesn’t have a wish list? Then something comes along and jolts your world like a …baby!

Biz-find baby Paamela Johnston Jnr

Biz-find baby Paamela Johnston Jnr

It was quite amazing for me to see the transformation in my own personal circumstances and the ease at which it happened due mainly to the simple realignment and 9 months’ notice I was given, to build a better nest.

More of an epiphany to me was; how finding your motivation is not something that is often referred to or discussed by entrepreneurial teachings, we are all supposed to know innately what our buttons are.

However many of us are not orphans, many of us had happy childhoods, many of us were reasonably lucky in love, many of us do not have addictive natures, which all seem to be traits of many successful people.

Many of us are loved by many people and are gregarious by nature so we don’t all need to extract revenge on a school bully or an old boss who fired us for no reason, or have a point to prove, so not all entrepreneurs can instantly answer the question;

“Why do you do what you do?”

I tried poetry in my early twenties and realised I was just too much of a happy person to be a poet and the phrase “bleeding hearts of artists” began to make sense to me, most of the best poets were either drunk, stoned, or wished to be dead due to being spurned by the only woman on the island, loving a taboo lover, or having been exposed to death on a daily basis.

I did however notice, after a few glasses of wine, how more eloquent I thought I became, and then to realise how much recreational drugs (that I have never ever taken and I wonder if I missed out on so much great literature by not doing so) had to offer the music of the 60’ and 70’s!

Biz-find articles Beatles in the 60's

Recreational drugs?

Sometimes our motivation smacks us right in the face at the weirdest of moments and at the oddest times of our lives. But if that moment has not come along as yet, how does one find that jolt to make you go through the comfort barrier and do what you need to do to get to where you really want to be?

Perhaps Brad Pitt and Edward Norton can explain how to find your motivation better:

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Pammy One year old still motivating not just me everyone…

Pammy Biz-find Motivation

Pammy Biz-find Motivation