Somehow people get caught up and think that it’s a bad thing or worse, selfish, to feel good! How on earth did such misguided thinking come about?

 When we feel good we inspire personally. We have something that most people want. Happy people are attractive people! (No matter how initially appealing the external package, you’ll all agree that if they are whining and complaining constantly then they become downright ugly.)

 Happy people attract more ‘Great events, Awesome People, and Amazing Deals, their language is easily identifiable and often punctuated with dynamic and positive words such as; incredible, terrific, fabulous, sensational, powerful, fun, hilarious, gorgeous, beautiful, grateful, honorable, etc… I think you get the idea! So I think that it is safe to assume that ‘unhappy’ people use the same amount of language just the opposite meaning words are used more often. Their language would have a tendency to commonly use terms such as; terrible, broke, horrible, bad luck, boring, weak, hard, stupid, ugly, idiot, ungrateful, ripped off, sucks, etc…

 Now just to fill you in a little bit more about you and your subconscious mind; the powerhouse of all your conscious actions, it can’t tell the difference between when you are talking about you or someone else. It (incorrectly) assumes that all your words that you think and speak (60,000 or so daily) are ALWAYS about YOU and will do its utmost to prove that YOU ARE RIGHT! So choose your language selectively for the events and experiences that you would like to HAVE MORE of in your life.

 Your level of happiness = Your level of need. You are manifesting and creating all the time irrespective of whether you know you are or not. What you WANT and what you EXPECT must be equal or one will override the other.

For example; if you FEEL poor you can’t attract wealth. (It repels it)

    If you FEEL fat then you can’t attract slim.

         If you FEEL sick then you can’t attract health.


What you FEEL is the common element to every experience you attract – the more powerful your feelings, the faster you attract. The more desperately you NEED, the more you repel because you are FEELING and focused on what you don’t have. Feel bad and think that life’s tough, you will be fast tracking more experiences to you to PROVE YOU RIGHT! It does not matter that you can support and validate how life ‘really is hard, you are just proving yourself more right and closing the door on any other possibilities.

What do you want to be; Happy or Right?

 It takes no effort to be an Ass – for some people it comes naturally. Challenge yourself and others to find More Ways to FEEL GOOD and less ways to feel bad and you will help leave this place a bit better for your having been here. Time to start deliberately creating your glorious, prosperous and joyful future… one word at a time! 

Rosie Pekar


Rosie Pekar on Leads4biz
Rosie Pekar on Leads4biz