Some guys have all the luck in business

Some guys have all the luck in business

Why do some people strive really hard to get what they want and others simply turn up and have it handed to them on a golden platter? It’s more about going with the flow than bad luck.?

Here’s a true story about two family members with a completely different attitude towards wealth:

Thars gold in them hills……

Back in 1848 a settler in California called John Sutter found some gold on his land, he tried as best he could to keep the find under wraps. However a year later an influx of Gold prospectors had heard there was gold and started digging everywhere with a pick axe and sieve. There were so many people, that they were dubbed ‘The forty-niners’, from where today’s San Francisco American football team took their name.

Sutter senior found some people digging on his land, this began a thirty year battle with the trespassers and the US Government over land rights. Sutter was penniless most of his life chasing his reward, yet won $50,000 in the very end when he was 77 years old and collapsed and died before he could even collect the money!

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Lessons from the God,rush

John Sutter JR however, who took over from his Father, saw a huge opportunity in the visiting Gold prospectors. He decided to get to know them, to find out how they lived and what things they needed, this attitude helped to create Sacramento town.

This town grew and grew on the back of the visitors.

Hotels, restaurants, shops sprung up everywhere, and thus a thriving community was born. Sacramento has since become the state capital of California with around half a million people living there.

This US state has produced ‘Silicon Valley’ and ‘Hollywood’, both behemoths of business and between them produce so much more output for the US economy than the Gold rush ever did.

John Sutter Snr. sadly died an embittered man chasing after what he thought would make him wealthy.

His son however died a very popular and very wealthy happy man as he saw in people the flow and way to make things great for others and wealth was always going to find him!

I believe that if you are happy now, more money will make you happier, if you are sad now, more money will make you feel worse!

As humans we are always guilty of paranoia, we believe the worst of people, we have knee jerk reaction to thinking people are up to no good and want to take what’s ours, but apart from the tiny criminal minority, the vast majority of us all want the same things, there’s plenty to go round for all of us. The human consciousness can work together to make a great place for all of us.

Try to look to see what legacy you will leave this planet when you go. Immortality can be achieved if you leave a legacy behind by affecting people’s lives, imagine it like this;

Would you rather be Alexander Fleming on his death bed knowing you have saved countless lives with your research into Penicillin or Adolf Hitler?

What is your legacy?

Go with the flow try to see things from the other person’s perspective and a sort of magic happens, the Universe will start to give you what you really want.

Careful what you wish for …

Alan  Johnston

Owner of the leads4biz network, free business directory and business matching marketing site He teaches businesses to know all about the Internet so as to get more business for them.

Alan Johnston owner leads4biz
Alan Johnston owner leads4biz