FAQ’s: Thailand business database

FAQ’s: Database of Thailand companies

I often get asked; do we have a database of Thailand companies, yes we do, it’s all there for free, you don’t even need a membership.

Biz-find is a directory run by the people so each company you see is added by the owner. Contacting them is simple; click the contact button in their listing and send them a message, or click details and ring them or connect with them through Facebook or Twitter.

Often the request for a Thailand business owner’s database comes from new start -ups hungry for names of business owners in Thailand to connect with and trying the old school method of blanket marketing, when experienced and successful entrepreneurs will steer well away from this old hat way of finding new business in Thailand and try getting with the 21st century and using technology.

Proper data capture of your clients with a professional email approach and data analytics to sell to the right people at the right time is the proven method of online marketing in this day and age.

We have 25,000 subscribers in 4 years, think about it; if you got an email from us as a subscriber and it said:

“We really don’t want to spam you, tell us what information you want from us and we will make sure you get only what you ask for and nothing more”

Would you be cross? Or would you think; ‘Finally someone has got It right’

Biz-find on the surface is a database of Thailand companies, however we are much more than that; we are a business marriage service,.

We started the free directory to get companies registering, and we use our massive social media reach to get them more clicks and visibility therefore they are hospitable to our calls, we then ask them what they are buying for their business right now, and we then sell these as pay for customer leads in Thailand.

So you don’t have to spend hundreds of hours online chatting up people on LinkedIn, writing millions of words on Blogs and sharing them to social media we have done all that for you!

To find out what our members are looking to buy; go to our leads page, there we list in categories all the things our members are buying right now and you can probably find a few leads of:

‘Customers in your geographical area of business who are looking to buy what you sell’

Just pay $30 for the month and you can then get direct access to the phone number and name of the person looking and any others we find you for 30 days so you can call them today.

Still want to buy a Thailand business database? we do have other databases email info@biz-find.co.uk