FAQ’s Adding your business basics

FAQ’s Adding your business basics

FAQ’s Adding your business to Biz-find.

How does adding your business to Biz-find help your business?

Our recent research has proven that on average 5% of your page views on your page on Biz-find result in a direct contact to your business.

So for every 20 page views you have statistically that’s one direct customer!

How to get more clicks and more business? Simple answer: Upgrade!

Here is how to add your business to Biz-find:

Link love:

Links from authority sites are what Google and search engines deem as good signals from your own website. The key principle is to get your business on websites that have a lot to do with your subject matter and have a follow hyperlink back to your website

For example; If you sell fishing rods, then having your website link on a fishing bait website with a lot of traffic and has been around a while will tell Google to push your own website up a few pages.

Your business will benefit due to being on our website directory.

Biz-find.co.uk has been on the internet since 2011 and we have grown considerably in that time and our business categories are very deep now, so you will have a choice of over 200 business categories for you to choose where to add your business so that the back link will be relevant.

Click: Submit Listing (At the top right of this page)

Adding your business to Biz-find

Adding your business to Biz-find

Choose a package and then add your information. Here is the requested information explained in more detail:

Listing Title

This is your business name. We will add the keywords next to it for you, and your meta-titles, meta descriptions, keywords etc, all you have to do is just make sure your business name is in the title.


Tell us what our company does; write as much as you like.


Choose a category to add your business to. If you can’t find your exact category, email us and we will make it free today!

Display File

Your company logo, or an image, that you want to go at the top of your listing. Leave it blank if you want us to screenshot your website.

Premium companies can have multiple images in a carousel style slider!

Website Link

Your company website URL with http://

Company Phone number

Believe it or not, around 10% of companies adding to our UK business directory don’t want to add their phone number; it’s the first line of contact for your business.

We are a business directory. If you have no phone number then your potential customers may just go to the related companies and choose to call them instead because they were easier to contact, and you have lost that business!

Facebook Business Page

Over a billion people use Facebook every day and you should have a company Facebook page for your business. It’s free so there is no excuse.

Twitter account

Twitter surprisingly sends a lot of targeted people back to websites and we use Twitter every day to great effect when sharing our blogs or new company listings. It’s free to register on Twitter, so get an account and learn how to use it, and then add it to your biz-find listing then we can help you gain a Twitter following.


Which county do you live in? Not country. You know that we only accept UK companies on the biz-find.co.uk site, so county, as in province.

Wherever you live in UK, whether it be Lancashire of Cornwall, let us know. If you really don’t know what county your business is in, no problems I am never sure which county Manchester is in so don’t feel bad, then add your city.


How do people search online for what you do?

We have another FAQ for keywords please see here.

We want to buy

This is the the very reason we have a business directory in the first place!

We offer a free business directory website and free social media marketing to any business in UK in return for you to tell us what you are currently looking to buy for your business, or what you are sourcing.

We sell these as customer leads to our members and website visitors. If you submitted a lead to us, then you can expect to receive calls from suppliers.

We will upgrade your listing to a premium listing (Top of category, more images, Video embed, top of searches, more social media sharing) for your first accepted lead (worth £36) and then; we pay you £2 for each subsequent lead you provide after that.

When you pot reaches £50 tell us, then we will pay you through PayPal or any UK bank account.

Yes we actually pay you AND help you find competitive quotes for what you are looking to buy!


Be as exact as you can with your location and click ‘search’ to make sure Google finds your business. Then your map will be seen on your listings and people will be able to find you. Remember, our site is responsive, so people will see your location and use GPS to lead a path to your door!

Click; Save listing  and your done!

We receive an email at our HQ to say you have added your business, then we go to work adding your keywords and sharing you to Social media to brand your business and hopefully find you some clients too.