Discount app helping revive the High Street economy

I recently met with Bangkok Entrepreneur Andrew Duriex who is a restaurant owner, crisis management expert and former executive of the Australian Chamber of commerce in Thailand, which to me seems the ideal mix of experience for the post covid world, and he shared with me his excitement about his discount loyalty app that can really help small businesses grow and build up their customer base without the traditional hit and hope marketing they are tired of gambling on.

“OGOGO is our Discount and its aim is to help SME’s of all types all around the world. It is not just a restaurant app and you don’t need to have different apps for different parts of the world you may be travelling to.

no cards to carry!

From the Vendor’s perspective it is simply the best system yet devised. 

It works for any small to medium sized business. That ranges from the usual bar/restaurants to beauty salons to gyms. It includes tourist attractions and all other retail types, and even the full range of service providers such as dentists, lawyers and many others. So basically any stand-alone business can use it to improve their business immediately.

There is an optional upgrade for 3000 baht, but that includes 2 Gold Memberships worth 23000 baht, and 6000 baht worth of the membership cards. 

As a business owner you give away the Membership cards to your happy clients for 300 baht each or you give them away – it’s up to you. Why would you do that? Well, and here is part of the magic, if you sell them you make 300 Baht. Easy for a bar or coffee shop, but not for a real estate agent or car dealer. The real benefit is that whoever you sell the cards to will see your “pop-up loyalty” add when they open the app every day! It’s free and in your face advertising! 

Why will they want to open the app? Well every member can tell the OGOGO app things they want and like, and even tell them about upcoming trips. They can also optionally tell OGOGO about themselves. Then once every day, the OGOGO app shows each member 3 “special” deals. These are “free” or 50% off items for things that the member wants, and are provided by Vendors in the system that said they want this type of customer. Genius! If you dont open the app every day you miss the chance to get free things that you actually want or need!

Which means you as a shop who sold the person the card get to be seen every day by all the people you sold cards to – and if you made money from the sale – even better! But imagine if you were the real estate agent … you can update your pop-up loyalty add any time you like with new properties or deals. 

You also get to send a weekly message to everyone you sold a card to as part of the free service. That’s right, this can replace your hard to maintain email lists and service that costs you 3000 baht per month. OGOGO help you send the email for free.

So you are making some money, and you are increasing loyalty for free!

Marketing when they in the door!

And how about getting new customers? Well, those special deals that get shown to the OGOGO members every day … you can make as many of these as you like, select your “perfect customer” profile and OGOGO will match them only with members who have shown an interest in your products or services, and who have not seen or used a deal from your shop previously. This avoids the problem of giving discounts to your existing customers. 

Imagine you are renting out motor bike or cars to tourists or Thais from Bangkok. This means you can make different deals for the Thais, and different deals for the Chinese, or Russians or Aussies – you can even make each deal in a different language, or make a deal for 30 year old Thais and a different deal for 60 year old Thais. The possibilities are endless. This targeting is better than Facebook or Google Adwords, because the OGOGO members give the date freely to OGOGO because they want to get great deals when they travel anywhere on Earth. OGOGO shows them these deals before they even leave home!

So you are getting new customers for nothing. But wait, you have to give them something for free or 50% off. Ok – what is your normal cost of customer acquisition? How much is it worth to your business to get a new customer in the door who you know is a match for who you want and who you can provide great service to and who will therefore come back many times? The best part is, you are only giving that discount to someone who is already in your front door.

Think about that. All your normal marketing activities cost you money up front and you never know how many customers will walk in and actually buy something. With OGOGO, its free (you only pay for the Member Cards with the secret codes that you sell or give away) until your dream customer is walking in the door holding their phone up saying “OGOGO says you have the best Pizza’s and you will give me 2 of them for free. Is it ok if I share them with 3 of my friends?”.

What’s more OGOGO provides you with a Marketing Consultant for free. That person’s role is to help you with ideas on the type of deals and discounts you offer (they have access to the best ideas from all around the world), and to make sure your deals get onto the OGOGO app correctly, to help train your staff how to sell (or give away) the Membership Cards, to help you send the weekly messages out, and basically to help you grow your business.    

Put simply, it’s the best throughout marketing platform for any SME yet created, and its free and available here in Thailand now! You want to be on this first and fast so that you are the one selling the cards before anyone else – that way you lock in the free daily advertising and the free weekly messaging! “

Andrew has a passion to help the smaller and SME businesses as he sees the local shopping experience as a more wholesome one more than the big corporates and he advocates quite passionately to me that “High Street businesses are still the backbone of our society, especially in Thailand where we started this all of!”

You can download the app here try as a member then get in touch we will show you how to get started.