Dating V Lead Generation

Dating V Lead Generation

Online marketing and finding new business online always has a strong affinity to the dating game, and as love is a human emotion that transcends all languages, it’s easy to make the comparisons, so here is how Biz-find Lead generation is like the best night out you ever had as a single guy ever:

Frank and Todd, 2 best mates since school are getting ready to hit the town. The best clothes are ironed and the smell of cologne is strong in the air. Apart from ladies individual tastes for physical attributes, these guys are very similar, 5’10 tall, 170 pounds-ish, full head of hair, although Todd is disguising an ebbing hairline with a neat cropped cut. Both our men are 22 years old.

They both have jobs earning around 50,000 U.S.D. and they share a well presented flat.

Their end game is to meet a girl for short term and possibly longer term fun, maybe even marriage who knows, the best part about being young is standing face on to fate and beckoning it in!

Both men step out together and enter the first pub about 8 PM. That is when they last saw one another.

The next morning, with an aching head and bleary eyes, Frank crawls out of his empty bed and plods to the kitchen to make coffee, and in his half dazed hangover almost trips over the hem of a black lacy negligée, he looks up to find a stunning brunette, hour glass figure, immaculate face and hair, and wonders to himself if he is even awake yet.

success with woman with Biz-find Singapore Directory

Success with woman with Biz-find Singapore Directory

“You must be Frank” she asks politely,

“Uh yeah” Frank stutters

“I’m just brewing coffee for Todd, you want a cup?”

It suddenly dawns on Frank that this young lady must have come home with Todd.’ Damn he’s done it again!!’ Frank scolds himself.

A little later Todd appears from the bedroom as fresh as a daisy, smiles at Frank, and sips his Coffee. Fidelity then, kisses Todd goodbye and disappears out the door.

Todd knows there will be some explaining to do, so he preempts the conversation;

“So Frank what happened to you?”

“Well I spent the evening talking to many young girls, but I didn’t fair too well, it was hard to break the ice” he explains bitterly.

‘Then I went to the singles bar, and chatted with a few ladies there, most of the girls seemed a little neurotic to me.

At about 2 AM I returned home and tried a few calls out of the little black book and spent an hour on Facebook, and well, the results are clear to see. More to the point you seemed to have landed an absolute peach of a lady and you hardly seem to have drunk anything, tell me all, what happened?”

Todd smiled and felt sorry for his old mate, but still devilishly reveled in his curiosity and lack of success in the dating department, and then told Frank:

“ The mistake you are making buddy is this; you are doing all the things that single men are expected to do, and to be honest it bores the girls silly, the same it does you, it’s insanity to keep doing the same things with no different results, the go out and hope you score method isn’t cutting it anymore.” Todd related to his bemused flatmate.

Biz-find lead generation V old school

Biz-find lead generation V old school

“So I tried a different approach.”

Head in his hands and totally rapt in what Todd is telling him Frank mumbles;

“Please put me out my insane misery then”

“I paid a company to find my dream date mate, I arranged to meet her at the Pub at 8 we hit it off immediately and well the rest you kinda know.

You see I got tired of spending over 100 bucks every time we went out, and waking with a dreadful hangover and no female company.

See the old fashioned way of finding a mate has changed beyond comparison, and unless you change too, you are going to be a lonely old man.

The chances of finding a perfect mate by going the pubs in those loud environments where it’s almost impossible to hear what people are saying, or talking without spitting in their ears is remote to say the least.

cold calling in Night clubs on Biz-find

Cold calling in Night clubs on Biz-find

Cold calling your old flames at 2 am is like looking for a penguin in a dessert, and Facebook, well at that time of the night, is great if you really want to date a troll!

The single clubs are for the last sausages in the butchers shop, the girls that got left behind, and now you have firsthand experience

I subscribe to a dating site where I read all about the ladies before I make a decision,  where they live, their interests, and make a decision to meet them that way. It is 60 bucks a month, it’s the modern way to date, it just saved all that rigmarole that I got tired of doing with you, and just wasn’t working for me.” Todd smiled and took a gratifying sip of his coffee.

“So for the past 6 months all those girls were from this website?” Todd asks somewhat perturbed like a cat that’s been let out of a bag.

“Oh yes!” laughed Frank.

“Better give me the URL then” Todd sighed.

Old School Business is still trying to find leads with the old ways like; cold calling which now needs around 1 full days calls to book just one  appointment, like Franks Little black book.

They still go business networking like when Frank goes to the single clubs and that takes a long time to develop relationships with people who aren’t plain crazy.

It’s nigh on impossible to find instant business on Social Media unless you have built up a brand over months and months of content marketing and that’s at the business times of the day!

So the smart business use companies to outsource lead generation, companies that have a database gleaned over many years of reciprocal marketing so that they have a pool of business people that need stuff every day, B2B leads and B2C leads, just like dating sites.

All business do now is click on Biz-find leads finds their category of business and reads what the people are looking for, they then answers that query.

So if lead generation for your business is getting you down, and seems to take forever to find a new client; be like Todd and go home with the right ‘connections’ every week, without all the rigmarole.

Ask about Singapore business lead generation today.

Lead generation success with Biz-find

Lead generation success with Biz-find