Crowd sourcing and funding

Ever get that feeling that if enough people knew about you and your ideas that maybe, just maybe you would have a world beating product on your hand? Trouble is every time you try to bring it to the attention of this lender or that V.C. outfit they turn round and give you their “well I am not so sure” stance or they say you have not really got the money to go down the road to fruition, Well maybe they are right,


“Cue Linda Ronstadt (different drum)”

Well why not get you adviser to run you down a different track. Did you ever consider crowd sourcing or crowd funding in your business? Yes most people will have associated it with charity and green issues and the like, however, focus it down somewhat and think about running with a crowd funding event.

People are fed up with the usual approaches for their money, they need to see as much innovation in the approach as in the project and if you do not pass the approach then the money is totally out of reach.

A Focused event can run entirely by invitation or by a mix of that and social media or indeed open forum culminating in an event, and if you are smart then cost out some travel and do the event in different cities over a short period .

Crowd sourcing companies 

(update 12/15/15)

There are many companies that have sprung up in the last year or so who offer to run a crowd sourcing campaign for you, you pay a hefty upfront free and a fee if you are successful, We at Biz-find have been approached by a few and these companies and their basic remit is they have teams that will part fund a crowd sourcing platform on your behalf, as the main reason most fail is because they do not get the first few investments, nobody wants to be the first to put the money especially as it is visible online. But generally they are successful and have few failures, they won’t take you on if they feel you are not ready

These crowd funding investing companies also have teams of people who act as investors, very much the way record companies would buy their own artists first 200 singes to get them in the top twenty hit parade to get radio airplay.

Contact Biz-find for help with crowd funding campaigns and or intro’s to the big players in Europe for crowd funding campaigns that really have the best chance of success.