Are you creating by Design or Default? (The power of NOW)

Are you creating by Design or Default? (The power of NOW)

The Power of Now

What is your own mental mass production?

How many of you reading this, are just like me and never really present in the moment!

If you were to take a sneak-peek into my head-space you’d discover that even though I am doing one activity or speaking to one or more people, I’m actually only partially there.

Oh my…confessions from the professionals! There is another part of me working out where I need to be next and the practicalities and logistics involved, the other parts of me are reminiscing on last nights encounter with a favourite certain someone or else I am angrily recalling what’s meant to have recently worked out, though according to my intentions and expectations has now fallen through, not to mention the casual and lingering interesting or intruding thoughts of whatever is catching my eye and attention. Phew!

Who is ever really present in the moment? The only time that I can recall all of me present and accounted for in cerebral space is in times of extreme bliss and ecstasy or extreme danger or crisis!

I recall climbing Machu Pichu in Peru where segments of the arduous Incan mountain trek required 100% dedicated attention and focus for the exact placement of my foot and body accordingly…otherwise I could inadvertently misstep and accidentally plunge to a not so pleasant demise.

Biz-find articles | Rosie Pekar|mach pichuu

Biz-find articles | Rosie Pekar|mach pichuu

Amazingly my thoughts were limited to my precise next step. When I wanted to gaze at the spectacular scenery, I was first required to lock in my body position, preferably leaning against a hard supportive non-moving rock and then I could let myself be overawed by the view and forget that I was precariously perched amid the Andean Alps on a little loose ledge! What peace and bliss to only focus on one small step at a time. What serenity to absorb and fully savour the moments of awareness and observance of amazement and incredulousness. Who does this in their normal life?

Who recognizes and savours their own and others ‘awesome moments and creations’.

Are we so overstimulated with incredible and astounding feats that the ‘WOW’ factor is lost? Are we so busy on raising the bar for our own and others levels of achievement that we never see the distance we have come…only the distance yet to cover?

We are bombarded by amazing experiences daily…394 tonnes of steel in the air, on water, hurtling along motorways! (Some may add actually arriving on time!) We have microwaves, radiowaves, sonar waves and astounding technology…yet none compare to you! Yes you read that right! You have over 41,600km of nerve endings that are making connections at 400 miles per hour and to put that in perspective, you will send and receive more messages via your nervous system in one day, than the entire worlds communications systems will send and receive over the next 50 years!

You are incredible and operating all the time, though for many of us we are not focused or consciously directed.

I discovered my own lack of awareness and perception in a guided meditation when I was seeking a solution to my ‘do everything mentality’. I observed my many fragmented ‘Rosie’s’. I saw the Rosie doing the meditation, the Rosie creating a future identity and livelihood overseas, the Rosie still packing up and moving from her house in Australia to one 18 hours drive North, the Rosie grieving the recent loss of her father, the Rosie recovering from a severe illness, the Rosie concerned about an unknown future …and so it went. No wonder I was stressed and fragmented , I was too damn busy- no sooner could my overwrought brain create a solution for one Rosie, when all the other Rosie’s would incessantly voice their concerns. Phew!

There’s the sneak-peek into my headspace- anything like yours?

It is said that, “the one who is present in the moment, has no problems”

Some might respond with…well staring down the barrel of a gun is a problem…and as an excop, I’ve had this one…and I can answer that it is not.

It is a call to action, to do or not do. The point of power is always in the NOW.

I discovered that in being so fragmented, my power in the moment was very diluted; just like the force of water from a soaker spray, I had negligible effect in any particular direction. Now with awareness, I could consciously merge the many Rosie’s and be present and in the moment ask, “what problem do I have right now?” You guessed it…none, just things to do or not!

Rosie Pekar.

Director KickBut Inc, International Speaker & Author. Media Presenter – available for speaking engagements 2015

Biz-find author | Rosie Pekar

Biz-find author | Rosie Pekar